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Copy Chief - Tampa, FL


Copy Chief is hiring an Operations Manager to streamline and organize the flow of projects across our rapidly-growing team. We need someone to own the behind-the-scenes work that keeps our business running efficiently and helps our vision come to life.

We’re looking for an experienced candidate who’s demonstrated leadership in a role like this before.

About Copy Chief

At Copy Chief, we are proud to say we have built and continue to cultivate the world’s greatest community of copywriters. Our relationships with the team, community, and customers are the soul of our company, and we believe in the impact that we’re making - connecting professional copywriters with business owners who see copywriting as a critical element in their business.

We’re a small team of people working all over the world to build this community and connect great writers with great businesses.

Copy Chief is an amazing place to work - here’s what you can expect:

Tight-knit family work culture

We’re a weird bunch, but we get work done. We care about each other deeply, like a family. We get to know each other and love to laugh. We know when to give each other honest tough love, and when to cheer each other on.

Direct feedback and results

We live and die by numbers and results. You will know whether you’ve succeeded by the key results you achieve, and you’ll get quick feedback. Feedback always comes from a place of love, so you’ll need a tough skin and a willingness to get back up and try again. There’s never a shortage of new things you could learn in the online world, so we’re all constantly improving.

Ambitious goals, leadership, and responsibility

You’ll be working with a team of proactive leaders and A-Level players. If you’re looking for another “job,” then this isn’t for you. We take ownership of our work and build up leaders who are responsible, reliable, and proactive in getting projects completed. Our collaborative and cross-functional teams work together to complete projects that contribute to the company vision.

By nature, we’re a team of entrepreneurs. That means we’re proactive about completing our work and communicating, instead of passive. If something is wrong, we communicate it directly.

Fast learning and adaptability

We work online. Technology can move at a very fast pace, which means we need to be flexible and learn quickly. Our job is filter the avalanche of choices we face every day so we can make smart decisions.

If you like to learn things, this is the place to be. We love learning how the company works, learning different software tools to help us get work done, and learning to create a new system and process for accomplishing tasks, among other things.

Teaching and sharing expertise

We focus on hiring experts who are willing to teach. Part of what makes our community amazing is our willingness to share what we know. If you enjoy the process of breaking down something for someone to understand, then this will be a great place for you to get that experience.

Working with a team towards a purpose bigger than yourself

Money and fame are great, but Copy Chief has a vision beyond the owner’s needs. We’re here to change lives by serving two groups of people: businesses that know they need to tell their story well to thrive, and copywriters who want to use their talents to build a career that gives them amazing freedom. This is what gets us up in the morning.

We care deeply about our members, customers, and prospects. We want everyone to walk away knowing we’re on their side.

About the Job

A lot has to be accomplished to properly manage an online community, support our customers, plan our annual Copy Chief Live event, and spread the word about Copy Chief. In this role, you’ll be at the helm of accomplishing many of those critical tasks.

More specifically, you’ll be in charge of the following:

Managing our support teams

  • We have a great team of people to provide customer support and manage our technical assets (especially the website and Copy Chief community).
  • We need you to oversee the team’s work to make sure each customer request is fully resolved, answer escalated questions, onboard new members, and keep everyone on track. You’ll identify the annual and quarterly objectives that the team will work towards, and you’ll support them as they reach milestones along the way. When our team needs to change something about how we’re communicating with customers, you’ll help get the team up to speed.
  • You don’t need to be a brilliant tech person, but you do need to be a reliable leader.

Managing affiliate relationships

  • Our team works with amazing affiliates on both ends of the spectrum - we help promote products we believe in, and our affiliates spread the word about Copy Chief with their networks. You will be the main point of contact for all of our affiliate relationships and work closely with the Marketing team to promote affiliate products as needed.
  • We value our team of affiliates and want to take great care of them. This means paying them correctly and on time. Every time.

Managing Copy Chief member billing

  • Each member pays a subscription fee to be a part of this community. You’ll make this process as painless as possible.

Shepherding Copy Chief content

  • We’re writers, so we produce a lot of content, including blogs, podcasts, affiliate promos, Chief Chats, and social media posts.
  • While you won’t be writing all of this, you will be the project manager making sure it all happens (and catching errors along the way).

Administering our sales funnel

  • You’ll coordinate our sales content, lists, links, formatting, and scheduling with the help of our team.
  • When people buy our programs, you’ll help make sure the payments process is flawless for them.

In this role, you can work from anywhere in the US as long as you have a strong internet connection. It would be great if you were in Eastern Time along with our founder, Kevin Rogers, but that’s not a requirement. You’ll work with the team on a solely virtual basis, though we hope you can join us in person each year for Copy Chief Live.

About You

There are a number of things we’ll be looking for as we evaluate candidates. This is what we want to see:

You’ve done a role like this before, in a company like ours (an online company selling information products, building paid membership communities, or doing business primarily through ecommerce)

You’re resourceful

  • You don’t need everything spelled out to move forward. As long as you know the outcome we need to achieve, you can break down the steps to make that result happen. You’re self-motivated and inclined to taking action.
  • You’re an expert. We expect you to show us how we should reach an outcome goal we’ve set and collaborate with us on meeting our needs by creating a win-win scenario, rather than waiting for our instructions or approaching projects with a “my way or the highway” approach.

You follow through

  • Dropping the ball and skipping steps are unacceptable to you.
  • You can focus on the task at hand and see it all the way to completion without being distracted by shiny objects or new ideas.

You notice the details.

  • It didn’t escape you that there’s a period after the word “details” but not after the other lead bullets. It doesn’t match the others, so it shouldn’t be there. In this role, you’ll need to catch the little things.

You’re a clear communicator

  • You can get your message across in writing with ease, and you have impeccable grammar.

You’re a strong leader in the context of a virtual team

  • You’re comfortable leading and motivating people you may never meet in person.

You’re highly organized and naturally think in terms of project plans

  • You can break down bigger projects into smaller pieces and effectively delegate responsibilities.

You know how to improve processes

  • You think about ways to make things more efficient and effective, but you also know when to avoid upsetting the apple cart at the wrong time. You know how to master a role first before making too many changes.

You’re tech savvy

  • You’re comfortable with the types of software tools used to manage online businesses like ours, including project management software, CRM / marketing automations, 3rd party integration software (such as Zapier and Google Tag Manager), and ecommerce platforms.

About Our Pay and Benefits

We pay competitively based on the market rate for a role like this and your unique experience.

In terms of benefits, flexibility is the thing our team values the most. One of our mottos is “all of you, all the time” - we want you to have the flexibility to do the things you love so that you can bring your best self to work every day. For some of us, that’s taking time off to do creative things. We all have different hobbies we’re passionate about, and we want you to explore that.

As long as you are available for at least four overlapping hours of Copy Chief’s business day (9 am to 5 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday), you can work anywhere with two exceptions - you need a quiet background when you have calls, and you need a strong internet connection that can reliably handle video calls.

The role will be part-time to start, but we plan to ramp up to full-time quickly.

Application Process

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter in this form. In your cover letter, tell us a story of a time you solved a problem with minimal guidance, and tell us what you like most about Copy Chief.

We’ll accept applications until November 21st. We’ll confirm we’ve received your application, but you might not hear about next steps right away as we collect and evaluate applications. Our application process will include a video, a couple of interviews, and at least one test project before we make an offer, so be prepared for that.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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