Program Coordinator

Amego - Attleboro, MA4.3

Program Coordinators are responsible for the overall functioning of individual Amego Inc homes which includes but are not limited to the following: training supervision and scheduling of support staff; development and implementation of the individuals’ ISPs and programs; full knowledge and understand of the Behavior Support Plan and ensures proper implementation; supervision of direct-care supports to the individuals; liaison to the family/guardians/DDS/community; coordination of medical services; responsible for financial systems like client accounts and petty cash; rotational on-call duties.

Develop implement and review ISPs. Formally and informally respond to needs desires and interests of individuals. Ensure that all goals and objectives are being reviewed and modified if necessary. Ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines surrounding the completion and submission of all ISP paperwork.
Ensure complete compliance with all regulatory requirements surrounding HCSIS. This includes all ISP documents; All Incident Reporting; All Restraint Reports.
Supervise and direct daily staff activities. Mobilize staff to achieve goals. Build a team environment.
Case management and delegation of case management to appropriate staff. Fully understand and supervise the implementation of the behavior support plans collaboratively and expeditiously.
Provide direct care support. Instruct assist & supervise individuals in the areas of personal care adaptive equipment education skills social skills nutrition & meal preparation community inclusion travel training individual funds self-preservation and religious practice if desired etc. In addition maintain and/or implement approved emergency restraint procedures as instructed when necessary.
Maintain appropriate communication with all stakeholders. This includes weekly contact with families/guardians to provide updates and current status. Ensure that all contact forms are completed and sent to the School Social Worker PD and VP. Facilitate positive relationship with families and guardians.
Coordinate with the Clinical Department on program development implementation data collection and analysis for individuals with Behavior Support Plans. Ensure the proper implantation and review of PBS.
Coordinate referrals to other specialists as individually appropriate. Oversee all medical needs of the individual with support from the Director of Health Care Services. This includes monitoring all medications at the home. Audit medication cabinet weekly.
Facilitate support services such as SSI SSDI SSA Medicaid Medicare etc. Match supports and
interventions to the unique needs of the individual. Ensure that all correspondences involving SSI SSDI SSA MASS Health are reviewed and responded to in a timely manner.
Participate in human resources functions per established procedures: interview orientate train monthly supervisions and annual performance appraisals for assigned staff.
Follow policies and procedures on progressive discipline for the staff. Review Collective Bargaining Agreement to ensure proper administration with staff. Conduct investigatory reviews as needed; ensure Weingarten Rights for staff are followed. Complete necessary paperwork in a timely manner.
Organize staff work schedules. Ensure adequate residence coverage at all times. Adhere to budgetary constraints regarding overtime.
Coordinate regular staff meetings; disseminate information and solicit input regarding events progress and problems of individuals and home; develop reasonable methods for problem-solving.
Meet with Program Director at least monthly and as serious situations arise to discuss residential issues and to recommend solutions.
Maintain required residence documentation: House and individual Logs progress notes service agreements status agreements semi-annual reviews house records receipts documents house correspondence and monthly reports etc.
Provide emergency on-call services on a rotational basis.
With individuals and support staff input coordinate social leisure educational and developmental activities.
Understand & advocate individuals’ human rights legal rights administrative and financial issues. Use effective advocacy strategies to overcome challenges.
Ensure well-balanced and nutritious meals including individuals in the selection purchase and preparation of grocery items.
Audit weekly and maintain client accounts as outlined in Amego policies and procedures.
See that the home is well maintained and adequately supplied. Perform housekeeping tasks as necessary. Request additional funds and resources if needed. Maintain petty cash system to ensure that staff have money to carry out recreational assignments with the individuals.
Audit medication cabinet weekly and ensure that all MAP Policies and Procedures are followed at all times with the individuals.
Maintain cooperative communication with other service providers advocates family members and guardians (preferably weekly). Maintain good public relations with the community.
Designate a Human Rights Officer for the home; act as HRO in his/her absence.
Attend in-services and other trainings. Identify areas for self-improvement pursue necessary training/educational resources & share knowledge with others.
Maintain a flexible schedule in order to fully support and manage a residential setting. Schedule must include evenings and weekends. Work with the PD in developing this schedule.
Conduct periodic spot checks for the residential site. This includes overnight and early morning checks to ensure consistency across all 24 hours.
Implement and maintain the standards regulations and requirements of the various licensing agencies: DDS CARF DESE DEEC and other agencies; oversee and participate in the certification/licensing process for the home; promptly implement any Plan of Action. Work with QA &Training in auditing the program with regulatory requirements.
Maintains attendance and punctuality.
Adheres to all policies and procedures relating to timekeeping.
Provide coverage to other Amego Inc. homes as assigned or as needed.
The following list is defined to be other related duties important to the job assigned by the Program Director or the VP Adult Services