Entrepreneur Seeks Full-Time Stock & Options Trader

Profits Run - Wixom, MI (30+ days ago)

Hi, I’m Greg.

This will certainly be the most unusual “help wanted” ad you read today. Which is fitting because I’m looking for an unusual person. Maybe that’s you.

Let’s find out.

A few years back, I did something crazy. See, I’d just lost my job. Didn’t know what I was gonna do next. So I sat down with my Dad and hatched a plan. Started a stock & options trading education business – right then and there at the kitchen table.

I’m not going to lie. Those first few years were rough. But Dad and I turned a pipe-dream into a thriving family business. And now we’re bursting at the seams. Got more business than we can handle.

***That’s where you come in.***

We need an experienced stock & options trading ninja. A hardcore “trading geek”. Someone who loves to stare at stock charts all day. But also someone who loves to help people on the phone and via email. You get the picture. Got phone skills? Great. Excellent with email replies? Perfect. Nice to “newbies”? Cool. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Here’s why you’ll want to join our team:

No sense beatin’ around the bush. Join our squad and not only will you get the tippity-top of the pay scale for your position (in this case, Technical Customer Service Rep), we’ve also got a 401k with company-match, plus quarterly bonus checks AND cash payouts for good ideas. (No joke: I slipped my receptionist a hundred-dollar bill last month because she thought up an idea on how to improve the business.)

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Are you a grown up? Good, me too. We’ve got a drama-free work place. You wanna work for me, I expect you to be like Fonzie. Cool, that is. No drama. No nonsense. We all get all along. We all work together. And we’re all one big happy family.

Perks: Party suite at the Detroit Tiger’s game? Company work trip to Florida? Fancy end-of-the-year steak house dinner at the ritziest joint in town? Check, check, check. Make no mistake about it: We work hard. Sometimes the hours go long. Sometimes Friday night stretches into Saturday. Not often, mind you. But sometimes. We expect you to roll with the punches. But we also reward hard work with the occasional night out.

Movin’ on up: We’re a small company (10 people in-house). So we all wear multiple hats, as they say. You want to advance? Great, there’s nothing stopping you. Just because you start out as a Technical Customer Service Representative doesn’t mean you can’t be director of operations within 6 months. If you’ve got the gusto, you can write your own ticket.

Location, Location, Location: Our office is just outside of Novi. We’re barely a block away from I-96 so you’ll most likely have a breezy commute from almost anywhere in metro Detroit. And we’re just a mile away from 12 Oaks Mall so you can shop to your heart’s content on your lunch break.

Casual Friday (and Casual Monday, Tuesday, Wed & Thur too): If asked to join our team your primary responsibilities will include assisting our current customers over the phone and on the internet with their technical stock & options related questions. Which means you can pretty much wear what you want. Keep it classy, mind you. But we keep it casual. Plus, we’ve got a dog-friendly office so if you need to bring your furry (but well-behaved) friend to work once a while, it’s cool with us.

By the way, we’re Profits Run Inc. and we show traders and investors around the world the smarter and safer way to invest. My dad’s been trading since 1974 and we have over a dozen different products & services that came straight from his brain. So, in addition to helping people become better traders, you also get to work side by side with a 40+ year veteran of the markets. Don’t consider yourself an expert? As long as you understand the basics of stocks & options trading, and as long as you’re willing to learn as you go, you’ll fit in just fine.

Ok, enough about us. Let’s talk about you:

We don’t care what school you went to, what degrees you have (or don’t have) or how many years of experience you’ve got on your resume. What we DO care about are the following 3 qualifications:

#1) Motivated, self-starter: Pop quiz: It’s a random Friday at 3:30pm and you suddenly find yourself with nothing to do. What’s your next move? A) Surf Facebook and hope to slide by un-noticed until the weekend begins B) Find a way to help grow the business. If you said “A”, buh-bye. If you chose B, proceed…

#2) Computer-Savvy: You should be comfortable with Microsoft Office, Gmail and a few other web-based software services. You should also, of course, be experienced with web-based trading platforms and know a candlestick from a moving average, and a call option from an ETF. We don’t expect you to know everything on day 1, but we don’t have time to hold your hand either so if “figuring it out on your own” isn’t part of your skill set, this ain’t the place for you.

#3) All-around Nice Person: Are you nice? Are you easy to get along with? Are you a generally upbeat person? Cool. That’s important. We run a lean crew and there’s no room for over-sized egos or Debbie-downers.

If you’ve read this far, then here’s your next step. Reply to this ad and send us 3 paragraphs explaining why you’d be a good fit at our company. Fair warning: We’ve been flooded with responses but we’re holding out for the best of the best. If we like what you send, you’ll be asked to complete a short online quiz to measure how well you can follow instructions. If that puts you off, then it wasn’t meant to be.

Thanks for reading. Respond now for immediate consideration.

Greg, co-founder of Profits Run

Job Type: Full-time