Regional Manager

Joint Technology, Inc. - Columbia, MO

Are you a self motivated, seasoned sales representative with at least 3 years medical sales experience calling on doctor’s offices?

We are currently hiring across the nation.

Revert Systems, a 23 year old medical device company specializing in pain management and mobility issues, is seeking motivated, experienced sales representatives to call on Pain Management, Family Practice and Internal Medicine physicians. Revert is looking for motivated sales representatives to market a non-invasive, non-narcotic alternative for chronic pain (DME). This treatment is desirable due to the increasing danger of narcotics.

America is in an opiate epidemic. Last year the government spent over $265 billion (National Drug Intelligence Center April 2011) fighting this problem with no success, opioid sales have quadrupled in the last 4 years, and opioid overdoses are 5 times higher than 1999, (Aug. 1st 2017 Prescription Opioid Overdose Data), there are now more overdose deaths than all car deaths. The Center for Disease Control has mandated anyone with reoccurring or chronic pain be on a conservative care treatment plan. Federal and state government agencies are involved in the implementation and compliance of this policy. Revert Systems is the premier conservative care company in the country. We offer a head to toe product line that is Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance approved. Revert’s goal is to help our patients increase their activity level and decrease their pain level without the use of narcotics or invasive procedures. No matter what their pain indicator is, we have a conservative care treatment plan for our patients.

Most of our representatives earn over $100,000 their first year. By year three, most earn over $200,000 annually.

We created an in-house mobility DME program where we hire service specialists to work for the sales representative in the doctor’s office taking care of patients which allows our sales representatives to focus on growth and continually increase their territory and commissions. Revert Systems is debt free and was incorporated 23 years ago.

Pharmaceutical representatives or those with fewer than 3 years medical sales experience need not apply.