Assistant Director of Security

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Fairness. Integrity. Security. Honesty. As Oregon Lottery’s Assistant Director of Security, you will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of Lottery administration and operations and for compliance with all related laws, rules and regulations. You will lead the security department and apply your diverse skillset that includes executive level security management experience for a complex corporate security program involving elements of cyber security, information and game technology, physical security, product development and fraud detection. You must have a minimum of five years of law enforcement experience. Knowledge of Sarbanes Oxley preferred.


Important information:
Applicants should ensure that their e-mail settings will receive e-mail from the iCIMS system, otherwise you could miss critical communications related to the recruitment. Emails may be delivered to your Junk or Spam email boxes. We will communicate via e-mail to schedule interviews and to notify you of the status of your application. Failure to respond to our scheduling e-mails will result in no further consideration.

If you are claiming Veteran's preference, you MUST attach the appropriate documentation at the time of application. If the correct documents are not uploaded to the system, Veteran's preference will not be applied.

Veterans: Submit appropriate member copy of DD214/215.

Disabled Veterans: Submit appropriate member copy of DD214/215 and a letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) indicating a service connected disability rating.

The assistant director of security appointed pursuant to the constitution of the State of Oregon is responsible for a security division to assure fairness, integrity, security, and honesty (FISH) in the operation and administration of the Oregon State Lottery. In this capacity the assistant director for security leads the development and execution of all business strategies related to Lottery security. This position is a member of the Executive Team and a key contributor to the development and implementation of overall Lottery strategy, vision, and philosophy. This position reports to the Lottery director.

The assistant director of security, may confer with the Attorney General or designee as the assistant director of security deems necessary and advisable to promote and ensure the FISH in the operation and administration of the lottery and shall report any alleged violation of law to the Attorney General and any other appropriate law enforcement authority for further investigation and action.

Under general direction from the director, this position leads the security department and oversees the contract between Oregon State Police and the Lottery for necessary security services. This position directs and ensures the use of best practices in the development of policy, rule, procedure and compliance programs administered by Lottery Security and Oregon State Police. This job requires an understanding of law enforcement, personnel, retailer, contractor, manufacturing, gaming, regulatory, computer security and business continuity planning. The work is guided by Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules, Lottery Policies and Procedures, Attorney General legal opinions, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action guidelines, and other industry related requirements (ORS 167, 181A, 461, 471 and OAR 177).


1. *Apply Lottery Management Core Values and Expectations in performing daily activities and in behavior toward staff members, coworkers, and customers.

Typical Activities:
The Lottery can only achieve its mission when employees who work here model our core values. The assistant director of security’s conduct will embody the principles of fairness, integrity, security, and honesty. They will exemplify the values and ethical standards detailed in the Oregon Lottery’s Responsible Gambling Code of Practice and will ensure a continued commitment to embed diversity, equity and inclusion into the Lottery’s day-to-day operations, practices, processes and employee development.

Serve as a role model for the Lottery in exercising good judgment, discretion and professional behavior. Advocate and actively identify opportunities to balance the needs, interests and perspectives across the agency. Assist staff in understanding the laws, rules, policies, or procedures that govern and guide the Lottery’s work.

2. *Lead Lottery Security.

Typical Activities:
Lead the development and implementation of strategies and operating plans for all physical and logical security activities and partner with Information Technology Security. Communicate Lottery security guidelines, philosophies, and priorities. Establish performance measures. Provide leadership in evaluating security effectiveness and efficiency while balancing regulatory compliance, business development, and business relationships. Evaluate and identify security issues, current and future operational needs, and recommend new program initiatives. Develop and implement strategic initiatives necessary to safeguard Lottery facilities and personnel and assure the fairness, integrity, security and honesty (FISH) of Lottery games.

Lead the review of Lottery programs, policies, objectives, regulations, and operating procedures to optimize and assure best practice of security to Lottery products and programs. Recommend policy and/or program changes to maximize the safety of Lottery facilities, personnel, technology and games to foster honesty and integrity of Lottery business practices.

Participate in national lottery organizations, as needed, to ensure the Lottery maintains best practices. Attend conferences and other special business events to represent Lottery security, stay abreast of industry methods, and to identify security measures applicable to the Lottery.

3. *Retailer Investigations.

Typical Activities:
Oversee and set direction according to Interagency Agreement between the Lottery and the Oregon State Police (OSP) for the OSP Lottery assigned personnel responsible for investigating violations of Lottery rules and policies, conducting background investigations of Lottery retailer applicants (individual and or entity), investigating Lottery retailers statewide to determine retailer compliance with Lottery administrative rules and the retailer contract, and investigating for criminal activity at retailer establishments, as well as engaging in proactive crime prevention and enforcement at retailer businesses and other locations where Lottery games or unlawful gambling may occur according to ORS 167, ORS 461.725, 15 US §1172.

Establish program goals and objectives; measure the effectiveness of background, security and regulatory investigations of Lottery retailers; identify and evaluate models and methods for cost effective field investigations; and ensure and interpret field operations policies and procedures for compliance with all applicable laws, rules, policies and the retailer contract. Develop and implement strategic initiatives to enhance the security of Lottery retailers to ensure honesty and fairness in Lottery games.

4. *Vendor Background Investigations.

Typical Activities:
Oversee and set direction according to Interagency Agreement between the Lottery and the Oregon State Police (OSP) for the OSP Lottery assigned personnel responsible for applying the due diligence framework needed for: verifying that prospective vendors will not jeopardize the FISH of the Lottery; verifying that current Lottery vendors are in compliance with their Lottery contract, local, state and federal laws; and are current with local, state and federal taxes and verifying that perspective, and current vendors, key persons and contractors meet the qualifications to contract with the Lottery and maintain compliance throughout life of the contract. Apply best practices and industry standards in the development and evolution of the investigative framework needed to assure effective oversight.

5. *Security for Lottery Games.

Typical Activities:
Oversee and set direction for the OSP personnel and Lottery Security Section personnel and work with cross functional departments to ensure that administrative processes and internal and external systems employ and maintain best practices to assure the FISH in the testing, implementation and operational phases of all Lottery games.

Oversee and set direction for the staff who perform game-related working paper reviews; inspection and verification of ticket shipments, destruction of scratch-it tickets, testing of tickets and operation of the ticket testing lab.

Oversee and set direction to assure compliance with ORS 461.180 (6) for the Lottery Security Section who performs duties related to CCTV systems and the Velocity system; signature testing of the video lottery terminals; inspections of scratch-it ticket vendor sites; draw games draw security; Player Services security; and Lottery mail security.

6. *Lead the Lottery Continuity Program.

Typical Activities:
Oversee and set direction for the Lottery Continuity Program including crisis management, business continuity plans and disaster recovery. Work cross-departmentally to ensure the Lottery has documented plans and prepared in the event of an emergency.

During an emergency, act as the Liaison Officer (Deputy Incident Commander) at the command center to coordinate representatives from assisting agencies or assisting private organizations and act as their primary contact; and partners with local emergency agencies’ to establish medical response. Act as the Incident Commander if the Incident Commander (Lottery Director) is not available to manage the overall incident and be the primary decision maker during the emergency.

7. *Management and Supervision.

Typical Activities:
Serve as member of the Executive Team to meet the objectives found in the Team Charter.

Set clear performance expectations for OSP and Lottery Security staff, provide training, complete timely performance reviews, hire new staff, coach, counsel, and discipline staff in accordance with Lottery policy and procedure, meet with direct reports on a regular basis to ensure instructions are understood, recognize individual effort, correct the course if required, and evaluate overall program effectiveness.

The assistant director for security interacts with the Lottery Commission, all levels of Lottery management and staff, Oregon State Police and staff, legislators, other state lotteries, retailers, and the public. Works collaboratively with Lottery stakeholders, establishes and manages business relationships with Lottery’s gaming and other security vendors, responsible gambling entities, other global lottery regulators and Lottery funds recipients. The interaction includes conducting meetings, making presentations, coaching, directing, problem solving, negotiating, and public relations. These interactions are done either in person, by phone, or through electronic or written communications.

The work is typically conducted in an office environment. However, must be able to work at all hours of the day and night, subject to on-call status; in-state and out-of-state travel may be required to attend trainings, meetings, and other events and activities. May be required to enter environments where individuals may be engaging in criminal activity. Assignment may require travel in inclement weather and unpredictable road conditions. Requires the ability to work extended or irregular hours (i.e., evenings and/or weekends) as job duties require. The work frequently involves being in political settings that include contacts with Governor’s Office/staff, legislators, and legislative staff briefings.


A Master’s Degree in Security, Criminal Justice or closely related field; and four years of senior/executive level management experience in a regulatory or compliance field experience that included supervision of subordinate managers and responsibility for short/long-range program planning and evaluation, development of program rules and policies. Experience must have included at least five years in law enforcement at the city, county, state, or federal level; OR

A Bachelor’s Degree in Security, Criminal Justice or closely related field; and five years of senior/executive level management experience in a regulatory or compliance field experience that included supervision of subordinate managers and responsibility for short/long-range program planning and evaluation, development of program rules and policies. Experience must have included at least five years in law enforcement at the city, county, state, or federal level; OR

Eight years of senior/executive level senior/executive level management experience in a regulatory or compliance field experience that included supervision of subordinate managers and responsibility for short/long-range program planning and evaluation, development of program rules and policies. Experience must have included at least five years in law enforcement at the city, county, state, or federal level.

Knowledge of gambling law, gaming compacts, federal gambling laws/regulations, gaming industry and security best practices, and methods.

Must possess or obtain Certified Protection Professional certification.

Must possess or obtain and maintain a valid Oregon driver’s license.

  • Extensive knowledge of the principles and practices of management, including planning, organizing, directing, motivating, decision making, information technology, internal controls and contract management.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of business continuity and crisis management planning and execution under the Incident Command System.
  • Working knowledge of human resources practices and procedures related to employee relations, performance management, employment, and organizational behavior.
  • Demonstrated skill in results based management.
  • Demonstrated critical thinking skill.
  • Demonstrated skill in diplomacy and negotiation.
  • Demonstrated skill in team building.
  • Demonstrated skill in budgeting.
  • Demonstrated skill in managing change.
  • General knowledge of principles and practices of financial management.
  • Demonstrated skill in effective written and oral communication.
  • Demonstrated skill in analyzing general, statistical, and technical reports.
  • Demonstrated skill in supervising subordinate managers.
  • Demonstrated skill in selecting and developing staff by utilizing participatory management, personnel assessment, and performance review.
  • Demonstrated skill in planning, organizing, and controlling the use of all organizational resources to achieve department and agency goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrated skill in public speaking.

The results of this recruitment may be used to fill future vacancies.

The Oregon Lottery® reserves the right to change, withdraw, close, or re-post job announcements as business needs dictate.

ORS 461.150 (5) states, "No person shall be employed by the state lottery who has been convicted of a felony or any gambling related offense." A background investigation is required prior to job offer which includes fingerprinting, criminal history, credit history (based on the position), tax records, driving record, affiliation with the gaming industry, and checking employment references and character references.

Lottery Ethics Policy prohibits employees from holding any legal or economic interest in the gaming industry. If you currently hold interest in the gaming industry this does not disqualify you from consideration in a position with the Lottery. If you are the successful applicant, you would need to dispose of the holdings prior to employment. (This does not apply to an investment in a mutual fund or a blind trust, or a time or demand deposit in a financial institution, shares in a credit union, the cash surrender value of life insurance, or American Indian tribal dividends.)

  • Salary level will be based on qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. All employees and members of their immediate family, regardless of where they live, are prohibited-by-law from playing Oregon Lottery® games.
Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, persons with disabilities who believe they need reasonable accommodation, or help in order to apply for this position, may call 503-540-1315 or email

Per ORS 408.225, 408.230, and 408.235 relating to Veterans Preference for public employment, to receive Veterans Preference, include a copy of your DD214/DD215 and/or Veterans' disability preference letter (unless information is included in the DD214/DD215) with your application material.