Clinical Psychologist - Private Practice

Logical Behavioral Health - Newport Beach, CA


I am a clinical psychologist in Newport Beach and I have been in full-time private practice since 2014. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to build up a referral base that has filled me up as a full-time psychologist.

Some time in 2016, I formed a wonderful relationship with the University of California, Irvine counseling center and student health center. I provided the students of UCI with the best care that I could provide and before long, I was inundated with referrals and could not take any more. However, I made it a point to call back each and every single referral I received, to try and at least connect them with another community provider.

In 2017, I took a risk and went out of my comfort zone and posted an advertisement on to bring on an additional psychologist or two to take on my overflow.

Two years later, I have 10 providers who have all been successful in building up their clinical practice.

I’ve been so lucky to find people who share the same vision that I have.

  • We have a vision of increasing access to quality behavioral healthcare and making a difference in our community.
  • We have a vision of not being profit-oriented, but being care-oriented, and challenging ourselves to be the best clinicians we can be.
  • We have a vision to promote utilization of behavioral health services and increasing access to these services.
  • We have a vision of honoring and promoting the field of professional psychology.
  • We have a vision of promoting a "family-oriented", team-based culture in our workplace.
  • And finally, we have a vision of being allies, not competitors, of our behavioral health community in Orange County, all for a common cause.

Currently, we are looking to fill one spot for a Licensed Psychologist to provide primarily insurance-based psychological and neuropsychological testing services. We are looking to find someone who is passionate about psychological testing and if they are interested in taking on a few psychotherapy patients in addition to testing, even better! We are looking for a psychologist with a sound science base and theory to provide evidence-based testing and evaluation services, as well as evidence-based treatment if they choose to provide psychotherapy services.

Candidate MUST be licensed and have graduated from an APA-accredited doctoral program. APA internship is not a requirement.

We are very close-knit, and have a very "family-oriented" culture in our group practice. We are looking for someone with a similar mindset, a good clinician, an even better person, and someone that has a good sense of humor that we will enjoy having on our team. Above all things, we challenge everyone to provide the best patient care they are capable of providing, even if it means referring a patient outside of the group. If this sounds like a good fit for you, we would love to bring you in for an interview.

The majority of the referrals we receive are looking for providers who are in-network with health insurance. The startup and building up process will take some time, so this is not an ideal situation for someone who needs income immediately. The initial credentialing process with insurance can take anywhere from 45 to 150 days in some cases. However, if you are looking for supplemental income, this could be your ideal situation. If you are going to rely on this as your primary income, be forewarned that it may take some time.

I'll take care of the preliminary case management services, office rent, upkeep, supplies, internet, and billing/admin services. You take care of providing quality care.

Please reply to post if you are interested and I will ask for a current CV. This position will begin immediately, although it will take some time before insurance credentialing is complete.

Please contact me for more information or to schedule an interview. This post is to fill one position only.

Thank you!

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $75.75 to $105.60 /hour


  • relevant: 1 year (Preferred)


  • PSYCHOLOGIST (Preferred)

Contract Length:

  • More than 1 year

Full Time Opportunity:

  • Yes

Work Location:

  • One location

EMR Used:

  • Not listed / Other

Relocation Assistance Provided:

  • No

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • Dependable -- more reliable than spontaneous
  • People-oriented -- enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects
  • Adaptable/flexible -- enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction
  • Detail-oriented -- would rather focus on the details of work than the bigger picture
  • Achievement-oriented -- enjoys taking on challenges, even if they might fail
  • Autonomous/Independent -- enjoys working with little direction
  • Innovative -- prefers working in unconventional ways or on tasks that require creativity
  • High stress tolerance -- thrives in a high-pressure environment

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused
  • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative
  • Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused
  • Stable -- traditional, stable, strong processes