Trail Crew 2018/19

Dodge Ridge - Pinecrest, CA4.1

30+ days agoTemporaryEstimated: $21,000 - $30,000 a year
Summary of Job Purpose

Ski Patrol is a team-oriented department focused on providing our guests with excellent customer service on or off the mountain. In addition to mountain safety, trail crew members are hosts, guides and information centers. When called upon, trail crew will respond to whatever the task may be.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The list below best represents the majority of the tasks you will be asked to perform at some time during your employment at Dodge Ridge. It is not intended to represent all of the tasks, since we cannot predict the variety of challenges we face in providing the product our guest expects. We will never ask you to perform a task that is inherently unsafe or that you are not adequately trained to perform.

A Ski Patroller is expected to be a safe skiing/boarding example to the public. No use of jumps, boxes, rails, or other such features in terrain parks is allowed.

When we do ask for your assistance in any job, we require an enthusiastic and cooperative response.

Emergency Care and Rescue.
All mountain safety and maintenance; slope safety, boundary marking, flagging, mazes, signage and any situation.
Demonstrate an on-going commitment to delivering excellent customer service. This involves interacting with guests in a courteous manner, and being able to answer questions professionally.
Demonstrate an on-going commitment to delivering excellent customer service. This involves interacting with guests in a courteous manner, and being able to answer questions professionally.
Safe snowmobile operation.
Professional, friendly, communication with other departments.
Help other departments as needed; shoveling, flagging, maze control, snow removal, etc.
Maintain an efficient ski patrol operation.
Mountain hill safety procedures.
Maintain safe and easy access within the base patrol room and ski patrol shacks.
Operating a chair lift and rope tow.
Rope rescue skills
Working knowledge of emergency plan.
Maintain clean, safe and professional workstations.
Maintain any appropriate records as set forth by company policy and procedures.
Recognize and correct any safety hazards within the ski patrol department.
Shoveling snow, sometimes deep, heavy wet snow weighing more than 50 lbs. per shovel full. Heavy and awkward lifting of items up to 50 lbs. Walking and working on uneven ground, deep powder, icy and wet surfaces.
Provide timely and accurate information concerning weather conditions, grooming or slope conditions and related information intended to help the guest maximize their skiing experience.
Communicate problems to superiors, while showing initiative in handling routine and emergency matters.

Job Qualifications

Positive attitude with unlimited enthusiasm.
Ability to read and to write legibly and to use good composition skills to complete records and report forms.
Must be aware of the ski areas terrain and facilities.-
Advanced skiing or boarding ability. The ability to safely and skillfully ski/board and transport a guest in a toboggan down expert terrain in an expeditious manner, (within the ski area boundaries).
Ability to learn and be knowledgeable of the needs of the equipment and standard procedures for its care and safe operation.
Safe operation of a snowmobile in a variety of terrain and snow conditions.
Must be well groomed and present a good public image.
Good physical condition as this position requires skiing/boarding, hiking, shoveling, lifting and carrying.
Willingness to work during extreme weather conditions.
Safety and risk oriented.
Requires the skills of a host. This involves approaching guests in a courteous manner, inquiring if they have any questions and being able to respond professionally.
Job Attitudes

Provide a positive and helpful attitude towards all our customers and all Dodge Ridge employees.
Support the Company’s policies and procedures.
Support the harmony and goodwill of the Company.
Be an effective team leader and motivator for the department.
Work Schedules

Weather conditions and the number of guests play a large role in the work scheduling of Dodge Ridge employees.

When conditions are normal, you can expect to work 5 days a week at 48 hours per week, including weekends and holidays.

Work schedules, staffing levels and weather conditions may dictate when lunches and breaks will be taken.

You must arrange for transportation to work so you arrive at your designated workstation at the scheduled time. Keep in mind that you will often be required to drive on hilly, snowpacked, and icy surfaces.

Working Conditions

At any time during the ski season, Dodge Ridge employees are often required to perform their tasks in high winds, heavy snowfall, low visibility, rain and extremely cold or warm temperatures.