Medical Records Coordinator

MHS - Flint, MI3.4


Medical Records and Paperwork Coordinator Job Description
The medical records and paperwork coordinator is responsible for quickly processing all medical record requests, disability and FMLA paperwork, obtaining signatures of providers and completing tasks in a timely manner. The position reports to the clinic coordinator and/or head medical assistant in the clinic.

Key Responsibilities for Role

  • Timely and efficient processing of FMLA and disability paperwork, DHS Medical Needs Forms
  • Timely and efficient processing of home care orders and CERTIFICATION & PLAN OF CARE
  • Responding to medical record requests in a timely and efficient manner with accurate and

complete paperwork

  • Processing CMN's and DWO's
  • Communicating with patients, partners, and vendors professionally via fax, phone calls and returning messages Faxing - one day you may not have a lot to fax, the next day you'll spend plenty of time in front of the fax machine.
  • Scanning documents, distributing sensitive medical information, and attaching information to the EMR
  • Setting and managing expectations with patients about the time to turn around requests,

ensuring that patient satisfaction and understanding of timelines is always high

  • Ability to multi-task, stay organized, file and manage paperwork on a large and continuous scale
  • Ability to verify with ease when an order or request has been processed, fulfilled, completed
  • Ensure work is being completed for only MHS patients
  • Ensure services are being provided to only current patients of record/patients that have an

established relationship with MHS

  • Build relationships with all providers, staff, and clinic managers across MHS locations
  • Enforce and follow all HIPAA guidelines and regulations
  • Submit authorizations to health plans
  • Communicate with other practices and medical offices in professional and friendly manner
  • Support overflow work and cross-train with staff responsible for RX refills and referrals to other practices
  • Manage the reporting and communication associated with tracking lab results and referrals in the EMR

Key Performance Indicators

  • How large is the backlog of requests and orders that need to be processed?
  • Are patients complaining about the time to turn around requests, the number of times a request

must be made, or other customer service issues?

  • Are you working in partnership with the hospitals to meet the expectations for patient care and communication with vendors?

Job Type: Part-time