Executive Administration Assistant

Global Executive Staffing - Washington, DC (30+ days ago)

The contractor shall perform duties outlined in this SOW and provide status reports as requested.

The contractor shall ensure all conversations and content of materials prepared are kept confidential.

The contractor shall perform at the highest level of professional and technical competence at all times and all work performed shall meet the following criteria:

Quality Measures - quality measures as set forth below will be applied to overall performance and all work performed.

Accuracy - all work shall be accurate in presentation and technical content.

Copy/Edit- all work shall be copy edited for formatting, style and accuracy.

Completeness - all work shall be comprehensive and fully developed. All contents shall be well written and submitted on a timely basis 90% of the time.

Clarity - all work shall be clear and concise.

Promptness - the contractor shall report for meetings on time and shall stay for the entire duration. ·

The contractor shall ensure all conversations, content of materials and all assignments prepared are kept confidential and maintains privacy of the Executive Director.

The contractor shall serve as OST-R's Executive Secretariat and develop controlled correspondence. Serves as the primary OST-R contact staying apprised of all executive correspondence entering and exiting OST-R. Manages a wide variety of office correspondence and utilizes the agency's Controlled Correspondence Management System (CCMS) and routes it for proper office/agency coordination.

The contractor shall provide support to the Office of the Executive Director. Types correspondence, publications, studies and distribution instructions in final form, rough draft or notes formats.

The contractor shall review correspondence prepared for the signature or approval of the Assistant Secretary and Executive Director for clarity, conciseness of content, tone, proper clearances and approvals, ensuring that it is in accordance with established policies and views of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology.

The contractor shall establish and maintain subject files in connection with the work under the Executive Director's responsibilities and areas of special interests to meet current needs and demands for material. Candidate should have an Associate's degree OR a high school diploma with at least five years of experience in an administrative function. The candidate should demonstrate the ability to:

The contractor shall have extensive expertise and high level capability in utilizing a controlled correspondence database system, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook and electronic travel arrangement database systems. Extensive work experience preparing,analyzing,and maintaininginformationwithindatabases will berequired.

Handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines through strong organizational skills;

Coordinate and monitor varied administrative projects simultaneously;

Control and track the processing of incoming forms, correspondence and action documents;

Operate and learn computer-based programs as required, such as Controlled Correspondence Management System (CCMS), Microsoft Suite, Outlook, E2 Travel database and the agency and other programs as assigned;
Communicate well with a diverse group of people and achieve goals as a part of the team.