Child Support Specialist

YoungWilliams PC - Pascagoula, MS3.0

Summary of Position

The Child Support Specialist is responsible for initiating locate, intake, establishment, enforcement, or interstate actions for the establishment of paternity, establishment of a support order, enforcement of a support order, and the collection of current and delinquent child support. This individual ensures that all State, Federal, and contractual timeframes are met concerning establishing and or enforcing child support orders. The specialist interviews customers by telephone and in person to determine service needs and to identify legal issues. The position requires the ability to work with customers in all stages of the child support process through both scheduled and unscheduled interviews.

Essential Job Requirements

Assesses cases in accordance with state and federal policies, rules and regulations, such as location of non-custodial parent's address, employment, and assets; establishment of paternity and/or support order; enforcement of support orders; and review/adjustment of support orders and take appropriate case action within established federal, state, and contractual time frames.

Obtains and processes information necessary for the establishment of paternity and support orders, enforcement of support orders and review/adjustment of support orders including contacting mothers and alleged fathers to attempt to secure consent orders of paternity and/or support.

Conducts interviews with custodial and non-custodial parents.

Accesses system data, including the state specific system(s), and appropriate internet resources to obtain relevant case information.

Prepares cases and the necessary legal and/or administrative documents for review and approval by staff attorney and/or administrator/supervisor designee.

Monitors cases for delinquencies and modifications and takes enforcement actions, as appropriate.

Calculates current child support amounts in accordance with Child Support Guidelines and DHS rules and regulations.

Calculates child support arrearages and other financial adjustments.

Completes necessary analysis and child support calculations to ensure child support payments are distributed and disbursed in accordance with state, federal, and contractual requirements.

Responds to telephone inquiries and attends to requests for service from walk-in customers, in a professional manner. Accesses automated case records and provide case status information to customers, as necessary.

Records in the automated and/or hardcopy case file all necessary information related to the establishment and/or enforcement of a child support obligation.

Maintains confidentiality and security of case information.

Regular and timely attendance.

Performs other duties as may be assigned by management.

Required Education

Associate's degree in a related field or relevant years of experience

Required Experience

Two years of experience in human services as a case manager. Experience in child support enforcement or collections preferred. Familiarity with an office environment including the use of automated systems is desired.