WA1 Gen Warehouse

JCPenney - Lenexa, KS


Warehouse Associate 1

Job Function:
General Warehouse

Position Type:
Non-Exempt (Hourly)

Reports To:
Department Supervisor

Starting Salary:$13.00

+ $0.50 differential for 2nd shift


Basic Function:
  • Manual and clerical inventory support in processing and verifying merchandise/cartons.
Principal Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Checks and inspects cartons to reflect accurate quantity and condition for further processing.

2. Prepares cartons for processing by:
a. Locating, preparing and affixing appropriate labels.

b. Packing, labeling, and scanning cartons, as required.

c. Sorting and routing cartons.

d. Entering appropriate information in inventory systems as required.

e. Loading, unloading, and picking, as required.

3. Prepares merchandise for distribution, including:
a. Checks, inspects, and logs data into the appropriate inventory systems to reflect the quantity and condition of merchandise received or distributed.

b. Takes necessary steps to prepare merchandise for inventory and distribution.

c. Inspects merchandise visually to determine disposition, as assigned.

d. Enters/logs appropriate data into on-line systems, as required.

4. Performs one or more stock handling tasks, such as:
a. Packing, unpacking, banding, and assembling merchandise.

b. Sorting and routing merchandise

c. Weighing merchandise.

d. Moves cartons from one location to another, either manually or mechanically.

e. Picking, labeling, and scanning, as required.

5. Operates simple warehouse equipment as necessary.

6. Performs other related manual tasks, as assigned.

Basic Knowledge:
  • Requires the ability to understand and follow general and/or written instructions. Involves the use of elementary arithmetic.
  • Familiarity with use of contemporary merchandise processing equipment (i.e. hand- held scanners)
  • Familiarity with use of warehouse equipment and inventory systems.
  • Ability to learn computer processing systems.
  • Ability to work efficiently
  • Ability to determine which prescribed steps to take to process problem cartons and to resolve identified discrepancies.
  • Physical Essential Function (Lifting): Frequent 0 – 30lbs; Occasional 30 – 75lbs
Previous Experience:
  • Six months experience in the same or related tasks is preferable.