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30+ days ago

+++++ Seeking applicants that can be available to work ASAP ++++++

We are currently searching for a qualified Chaplain for the Geriatrics, Rehabilitation and Extended Care Service (GREC), Ambulatory Care Center (ACC), and Mental Health (MH) as described below.

In order to qualify to provide the service, the Chaplain(s) must have experience as a Chaplain in a medical/clinical setting.

The VA Center for Aging (CFA) provides the office space and necessary internal support

Services include:

  • Interfaith Worship Services: Services shall be provided for patients of all faiths commonly practiced in Hawaii-Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, and Islam-weekly, and as requested.
  • Spiritual care will be provided for patients and families, especially visitation with those awaiting surgery, dying patients, bereaved families, families of patients in crises, persons with ethical concerns, and persons who are depressed, lonely, or struggling with the health center environment.
  • Perform spiritual assessments on all incoming veterans within 48 hours of their admittance to the Community Living Center. This is to include care plan documentation in the veteran’s medical record.
  • Spiritual care will also be provided for those in Hospice care at the CFA’s Community Living Center (CLC)
  • Performs specialized spiritual assessments and develops specific plans of care for hospice and palliative care patients.
  • Serve as a resource liaison for hospice and palliative care patients and their families.
  • Serves as the case coordinator for bereaved veterans and their families; trains staff in bereavement care; meets with patients, families and staff to assist in the coordination of end-of-life care needs; develops and implements systems for follow-up care with bereaved families including home/hospice visitations, memorial services and bereavement letters to grieving families.
  • After each death, a chaplain will be present, and accompany the deceased veteran from the building to the awaiting hearse/transport ensuring that the established procedures and honors are bestowed upon the veteran. If a priest is desired for last rites, the chaplaincy will assist in contacting the priest.
  • Providing a complete religious ministry to Hospice and Palliative Care veterans. Assesses religious, spiritual, moral, and ethical problems, and or needs of patients and plans and provides appropriate ministration, including individual in-depth pastoral ministry. The Chaplain, as appropriate, provides extensive and intensive pastoral counseling of individual patients and their families. Provides counsel and pastoral support to relatives of patients in difficult and trying situations to alleviate their anxieties, to foster effective cooperation of these relatives with the treatment regimen, and to help them understand their grief.
  • Works in conjunction with other chaplains and assists as needed with pastoral care. He/she determines the need for and provides special worship services at times and locations such that all HPCU residents have access. Performs/arranges sacraments and/or rituals to meet the unique needs of HPCU residents or palliative care veterans, given the veteran’s religious faith group and desires.
  • Provides counsel on medical ethical issues (such as advance directives) in the context of the patient’s particular faith background. Likewise, the Chaplain voices these ethical issues to the interdisciplinary team.
  • Actively participates on interdisciplinary teams/groups and committees to assure that the religious and spiritual dimensions of health and wellness are addressed in all aspects of the Medical System’s holistic patient care. He/she assists health care providers and treatment teams in recognizing and addressing the emotional and spiritual needs of veteran patients, using specialized knowledge and abilities in pastoral care of the sick.
  • Assists patients, providers, and teams in translating religious/spiritual values into effective living. Foster community support for the Medical System and encourages individuals to volunteer in support of the religious program.
  • Provides patients and staff with guidance in the selection of religious literature and other resources that illuminate and interpret the problems of persons in difficulty.
  • The Chaplain must communicate effectively with persons of diverse race, culture, religious belief, nationality, and age. Likewise, he/she must communicate effectively with persons having various types and degrees of disability.
  • Emergency services for traumas, deaths, or emotional crises for patients, families, and friends needing spiritual consolation.
  • Consultation with the medical and nursing staff for coordinated care to patients.
  • On-call coverage for emergency situations.
  • Liaison relationships with Hawaii churches/temples to provide services specific to a particular religious tradition.
  • Provision of religious services, memorial services, blessings, and other rites as requested by the facility.
  • Staff support to deal with issues of grief, anxiety, and personal concerns.
  • The chaplain will plan and carry out on-going activities that promote individual professional growth. These include attendance at staff meetings, in-service training, lectures, conferences, and endorser-required activities.
  • Patient services planning via case conferences, departmental meetings, integrated ethics committee, or other meetings as appropriate.
  • Facilitating spirituality and therapeutic groups as required.
  • Will be responsible for ensuring that each patient’s right to free exercise of religion is upheld and that patients are protected from proselytizing by staff, other patients, or visitors, regardless of faith group.

Qualification Requirements:

  • In order to qualify to provide the service, the Chaplain must have experience as a Chaplain in a medical/clinical setting.
  • Must have Ecclesiastical endorsement dated within the past year
  • Must have a Master of Divinity degree or an equivalency.
  • Must have document(s) showing completion of 2 units of Clinical Pastoral Education.

Job Type: Contract


  • Chaplain in a medical atmosphere: 1 year (Required)


  • completion of 2 units of Clinical Pastoral Education (Required)
  • Ecclesiastical endorsement (Required)