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Description Performs the primary functions of a Licensed Practical Nurse. Performs the primary functions of a registered professional in evaluating a designated group of residents in accordance with all established Nursing standards and hospital policies. Is responsible for managing all assigned personnel, supplies and equipment on the unit and for promoting Team work with all members of the health care team. Performs duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with our mission and values.

Job Duties:

1. Directs all care to team members 5%

a. Assists with scheduling/coordinating treatments with all disciplines

2. Acts as resident liaison and advocate. 5%

3. Assures proper documentation 20%

a. Monthly summaries

b. Care Plans

c. MDS d. Narcotic CTS.

e. Documentation assessments.

4. Participates in discharge planning 10%

a. Attends care plan meetings

b. Identifies home educational needs.

c. Instructs and educates residents/significant other to diet meals, activities, etc.

5. Assures orders are processed as follows 6%

a. Checks and signs off orders

b. Accepts telephone orders from MD/s offices

c. Processes monthly orders

6. Makes initial and continuous resident assessment: 6%

a. Communicates the interpretation of lab data, EKG's, etc.

b. Consults with doctor

c. Makes residents rounds

d. Manages residents in house transfer through system

e. Reviews drug therapy

f. Assess ADL's

g. Coordinates administering of treatments between disciplines.

7. Coordinates all aspects of resident care, including planning, intervention, education and evaluation: 20%

a. Inserts/maintains NG tube

b. Performs IV insertions, trouble shooting, maintenance

c. Performs suture removal d. Performs drain removal/maintains drains e. Participates in stat team response

f. Participates in all fire drills g. Provides resident education h. Conducts resident care conferences

i. Draws labs/specimen collection j. Performs EKG's k. Performs CAPD

l. Administers respiratory treatment's, ie: pulse oximetry, Nebs, oxygen

m. Assist residents with ADL's, treatment ambulation

n. Shift report

o. Knowledge of accessing variety of central lines

8. Performs other resident care activities to include: 10% a. Applying slings/binders/braces b. V.S.

c. Sterile/aseptic dressing changes

d. Insertion of Foley catheters

e. Complex skin care

f. Giving enemas

g. Applies restraints

h. Checks emergency equipment

I. Collects CQI data

j. Measures for/applies TED hose k. Assist with feeding.

l. Trach care/suctioning

9. Performs supervisory duties 10%

a. Supervises care team members b. Supervises students

c. Interprets Surrey Place policy for team members

d. Participates in various nursing or interdisciplinary. committees PRN

e. Assists in providing adequate staffing f. Participates in rounds

g. Participates with standards development

10. Oversees the education of staff 5% a. Develops and educates staff b. Orients new employees c. Participates in performance monitoring (peer review)

d. Maintains core and unit specific competencies

11. Performs other duties as assigned. 3% The most significant of duties are included but this does not exclude work assignments not mentioned or developmental duties.

Education Current licensure as a practical nurse in the State of Missouri. Successful completion of a State Board approved IV course of instruction within 6 months of employment.

Experience Longterm and or medicare experience helpful.

Working Conditions Employee is required to stand and walk frequently (34-66% of the time). Employee must lift/carry frequently Employee may be required to lift over 100 lbs with assistance. Employee is frequently required to bend, squat, kneel and reach forward occasionally (1-33% of the time). Employee is required to use one or both hands for simple grasping, pushing/pulling and fine manipulation. Employee is occasionally exposed to the following environmental conditions: Temperature changes, dust, noise, fumes, electrical hazards, and CRT terminal work. Employee may be exposed to blood/air borne pathogens. Verbal and cognitive abilities are necessary. Motor coordination and manual dexterity are required. Speech, hearing and visual acuity are essential. Work shifts may vary to meet specific patient care demands. Employee must demonstrate an ability to work with people tactfully and exhibit qualities of sound judgment.

Job Relationships: Member of a comprehensive healthcare team, including other healthcare providers, the patient, the patient's family and significant others.

Takes direction from: Director of Nursing, Executive Director

Provides direction to: CNA, Nursing Rehab. Technician

Supervised by: Nurse Manager, R.N.

Mission/Values Faithful to our Episcopal-Presbyterian heritage and its ministry of healing, St. Luke's is dedicated to improving the health of the community. Using talents and resources responsibly, our medical staff, employees and volunteers provide care for the whole person with compassion, professional excellence, and respect for each other and those we serve.

Core Values: Human Dignity, Compassion, Justice, Excellence, and Stewardship.

Human Dignity: We accept and treat all persons as being created in the image of God.

Compassion: We respond with caring to the needs of others as if they were members of our family.

Justice: We honor each person's rights and responsibilities in light of the common good.

Excellence: We set and strive to attain high standards of performance and continuous improvement.

Stewardship: We use our talents and resources wisely, with honesty and integrity.

FACES - Friendly - Available - Caring - Efficient - Safe

Communication Standards: Promotes and provides courteous and effective communication with internal and external customers.