Alcohol Compliance Agent (Police Department) part-time

Village of Schaumburg - Schaumburg, IL4.3


Human Resources Department

101 Schaumburg Court

Schaumburg, IL 60193

The Village of Schaumburg is a thriving community of 75,936 residents located 12 miles west of O’Hare International Airport and approximately 26 miles northwest of the City of Chicago. The community is the base of the second largest concentration of retail, office and commercial activity in the state of Illinois. Of special distinction, the village was recently named one of the "Top Ten Best Places to Live" by Money Magazine, is ranked No. 5 overall in WalletHub's "Best Illinois Cities for Jobs" and, for the fifth year in a row, received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting.

The village employs approximately 600 employees in a variety of departments within the organization, such as police, fire, public works, engineering, finance, human resources, cultural services, community development, information technology, and transportation. Our employees work to serve the residents and strive to make Schaumburg the best community it can be.

Alcohol Compliance Agent (Police Department) part-time with an online application deadline of 06/30/2019 or until 75 applicants have successfully completed the application process.

STARTING SALARY RANGE: $11.56 - $12.86 per hour working up to 19 hours per week. Salary dependent on qualifications. The salary range for this position is $11.56 - $16.76.

AGE REQUIREMENT: Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 19 years and 6 months old and look their age.

Please attach as part of your application all necessary documents verifying that you meet the minimum qualifications for the position.

This position serves as an undercover agent that enters establishments that have a valid Village of Schaumburg liquor license for the purpose of enforcement of underage liquor sale violations. Agents shall conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with what is expected of all Village employees.

Enters establishments alone or at times with another intern.
Attempts to purchase alcohol with money provided by the village. All attempts to purchase alcohol will only be made with money provided by the Village of Schaumburg. The intern should have their identification with them unless advised not to.
Reports the details of their interaction with the establishment to the supervisory officer and surrenders alcoholic product to the officer if a sale is made (the officer waits in the village vehicle during the transaction and handles the follow up with the establishment who made the illegal sale.)
Attends hearings to testify as to what occurred at the establishment if required by the Village President.
Testifies in a liquor hearing or court if needed.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Must be between the ages of 16 years and 20 years and six months and look their age.
Must provide a certified copy of their Birth Certificate.
Must be able to work after school or on weekends; or on school holidays which are not village holidays.
If under (18) years of age, parents’ permission is required.
Females should not use excessive make-up or dress in attire that gives the impression she is older. Males should be clean-shaven. Males and females should not wear clothing with high school or college affiliations. They should dress in street clothes, as they normally would for school.
Possession of a valid Driver’s license or State Identification card.
The Alcohol Compliance Agent may also be required to testify at a hearing with the Village Mayor (Liquor Commissioner) and/or Village Attorney at the Third District Court of Cook County.

Ability to climb flights of stairs.
Maneuver around obstacles.
Walk, sit, and stand for long periods of time.
Function effectively under stress

Part-Time employees are not eligible for benefits.

Candidate screening process may consist of an application review, skills testing, employability assessment, interviews, reference checks, and other job-related testing or verifications. Chosen candidates will be subject to a background and criminal history investigation, and qualifying pre-employment medical examination and drug screen.