Concierge Corporate Travel Specialist

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Travel Leaders Corporate’s Clincierge division delivers highly-personalized services for the travel needs of its patient clientele, all of whom require immediate responsiveness, fully researched

options tailored to their individualized needs and services that are delivered flawlessly at all times.

Fully understand, evaluate and assess what services are being requested and the expected timeliness for providing the information, ensuring at all times that all governing client policies and procedures are followed.
Conduct up-to-date exhaustive research of all options currently available to meet the client’s needs, using all resources available to them, including, but not limited to, Apollo, previous itineraries, web searches, contacting vendors, etc., and consulting with other experienced colleagues on the team.
Seek out all available, up-to-date information and combinations of all travel options, always thinking outside the box; considering, for example, all transportation modes, alternate booking sources, seating, alternative routes, connections, layovers, security needs, refundability, etc.
Research all applicable third party vendors to determine which is the best fit for the traveler and seek out all relevant information to answer any questions. Consider all requested and/or mandatory needs that have been specifically noted by the coordinator, including, but not limited to, special room types (such as ADA), specific seat assignments, travel with companion animals, wheelchair assistance, etc.
Evaluate each and every segment of the traveler’s proposed trip, including, but not limited to, transportation from start to finish, seat assignments, special accommodations, contacting airline representatives for special services etc.
Provide coordinators all information that is related at all to the traveler’s proposed travel, including, but not limited to, advising on requirements for passports, visas, etc.
Proactively inquire whether the traveler needs other available services in connection with their travel, considering the ages of the travelers, such as, cribs, cots, reservations for wheelchair or other medical assistance.
Triple check all information before ticketing and emailing to ensure that everything booked is accurate, including the spelling of each travelers’ names, dates/times/cities of travel, special needs confirmed/requested and noted on itinerary, seat assignments have been obtained wherever possible, etc.
Provide accurate itineraries detailing each segment of the trip and services booked. Accurate invoicing and, when necessary, manual logging, of all itinerary items.
Ability to work 10:00am-7:00pm ET or 11:00am-8:00pm ET.
Apollo Experience Preferred.
3+ years Corporate Travel Counselor experience, with a minimum of 2+ years international booking experience.
VIP/Concierge or After Hours booking experience a plus.
Must possess superior written and verbal communication skills. Must exude a professional demeanor, and possess exceptional customer service skills. Must be able to comfortably and clearly communicate with executive and administrative staff.
Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.