Charge Nurse

Brown Memorial Nursing Home - Circleville, OH2.1


Brown Memorial Home is looking for dedicated LPN or RN. We are a not-for-profit skilled nursing home and assisted living, located in Circleville, Ohio. We have a low patient to nurse ratio. We have 12-hour shifts.

  • Responsible to the Director of Nursing
  • Responsible for the supervision of Nursing Assistants and Resident Assistants.
  • Education: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing and has a current state license.
  • Follows established standards of nursing practice, and implements facility policies and procedures
  • Interprets existing policies and procedures to nursing assistants, residents, families, and physicians
  • Supervises and evaluates all direct resident care provided and initiates corrective action as needed.
  • Obtains a report from the nurse he/she is relieving and records sufficient information for follow-up action as necessary
  • Identifies safety hazards and initiates corrective action immediately
  • Identifies resident problems and initiates corrective action immediately.
  • Supervises and evaluates the implementation of "Resident Rights."
  • Provides clinical supervision of the nursing assistants providing direct care.
  • Attends staff meetings, in-service classes, and committee meetings as assigned.
  • Follows staffing guidelines for call-offs and makes nursing assistant assignments when needed.
  • Uses supplies and equipment efficiently and effectively
  • Can talk to a nursing assistant and correct any problems and bring the problem to the attention of the DON.
  • Participates in the employee evaluation process by providing information on the clinical performance of nursing assistants to the DON
  • Administers medications and treatments per the physician's orders and accurately records all care provided
  • Accurately, completely, and timely documents residents care provided and resident's response or lack of response to care provided
  • Reports changes in residents' condition to a physician, DON, and family members promptly and takes follow-up action as necessary
  • Follows facility admission procedures and communicates resident admissions to other departments, physicians, and ancillary service providers.
  • Performs basic nursing skills consistent with a level of degree, demonstrating knowledge and competence.
  • Follows facility discharge/transfer procedures and coordinates discharge/transfer with other departments, physicians, and ancillary service providers.
  • Completes accurate and timely documentation related to residents' discharge/transfer.
  • Demonstrates consistent ability to work cooperatively with residents, nursing staff, families, consultant personnel, and ancillary services.
  • Demonstrates concern for all resident's welfare by rendering immediate assistance to any resident in need.
  • Maintains absolute accountability for all narcotics including thorough, accurate count, and documentation of all narcotics utilized during your shift.
  • Comes to work as scheduled, on time, and consistently demonstrates dependability and punctuality.
  • Comes to work in a neat, clean uniform and consistently presents a professional appearance at all times.
  • Assumes accountability for all data contained in the employee handbook.
  • Assumes responsibility for obtaining continuing education related to long-term care nursing.
  • Controls emotions for the best interest of all involved.
  • Protects the privacy of all residents at all times, including information contained in the resident's medical records.
  • Protects the privacy and interest of the facility at all times by not discussing confidential issues with unauthorized persons in or out of the facility. Also protects the interest of the facility at all times related to the personal property of the organization including but not limited to; written policies, procedures, original proprietary documents, computer software, and any other facility owned resources, documents, electronic data, or equipment.
  • Maintains and communicates a positive image/outlook regarding the facility at all times.
  • Maintains proper standards of conduct at all times including following the chain of command and discussing issues related to job description, facility operations with appropriate persons only; avoiding any situations that could be construed as gossip, or slanderous to the facility or persons working at the facility.
  • Knowledge and ability to operate mechanical lifts and supervise the operation of mechanical lifting devices by STNA's.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Physical abilities required include but not limited to; frequent bending, twisting, turning, pushing/pulling large medication/treatment carts weighing in excess of 100 pounds. Frequent lifting of up to 25 pounds independently, frequent need to lift in excess of 100 pounds with assistance, occasional need to support weight in excess of 100 pounds providing controlled lowering of patient to the floor in situation such as attempting to prevent a residents fall or reduce the impact of a residents fall; ability to climb stairs on occasion. Potential occupational exposures include but not limited to; odors, chemicals, biohazard fluids/material, and aggressive residents.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary


  • LPN (Required)
  • RN (Preferred)

Relocation Assistance Provided:

  • No