Basketball Statistician

Performance Analytica LLC - Atlanta, GA


Have you ever wanted to get paid to watch high level basketball? If you are a tech savvy individual with a proven background in basketball stats, Performance Analytica wants you to be part of our team. A demonstrated knowledge of the statistics of Basketball is required for this position.We are seeking individuals that already possess a detailed knowledge of how the traditional box score statistics are kept for the sport of Basketball. We will train you in the use of our iOS software, but we are looking for people that already deeply understand the stats associated with the sport.

Performance Analytica is responsible for doing Basketball Statistics for the Nike EYBL 4/26-4/28.


Statisticians will work as independent contractors to utilize our hardware and software to provide performance statistics for the EYBL. A demonstrated knowledge of all the traditional aspects of a professional box score is required, with the ability to train to learn our easy to use iOS stats software on an iPad. A typical court for the EYBL usually has 10-20 games over the course of the event; its nonstop basketball and you need to be available for all of it. Stats are broadcast live via the web, and an acute attention to detail is required to do the job properly.


We will take care of all the hardware and software, and train you in our stat keeping process from start to finish. After the initial interview, Statisticians will be required to complete a brief, but thorough, digital training course. Once the training section is complete, you will use our software to stat a game from video. Stats from the training game must fall within an acceptable small error range in order to complete training.


$20 per game, with a range of 10-20 games for 4/26-4/28.

Required Experience

Basketball Stats Knowledge

Serious applicants should possess a demonstrated background in keeping basketball stats. This should not be your first time producing a box score. Maybe you have used Statscrew software or kept professional level stats for Varsity through Pro level teams? If so, you are the type of candidate we are looking for. Your application material smust detail your experience in keeping stats in order to be considered. Please make sure to include a cover letter.

Technical Expertise

Our iOS software is extremely easy to use and learn, but a previous level of comfort with iPads and access to an internet connected iOS device is needed for training.

If you are passionate about Basketball and want to be part of one of the biggest grassroots basketball organizations in the Nike EYBL, then Performance Analytica would love to invite you to become part of our team.

Job Type: Contract


  • Statistics: 1 year (Required)

Contract Renewal:

  • Likely