Sr. Chemist/Microbiologist

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The general duties of the Senior Chemist/Microbiologist include but are not limited to using technologically advanced laboratory instrumentation and procedures to analyze chemical and microbiological contaminants in various environmental samples; overseeing the work of technical staff in specific areas; providing technical support to laboratory administrators and the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Unit; and cross training Laboratory personnel within their designated field of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The Senior Chemist/Microbiologist serves as a senior technical reference for the Laboratory Division in the research and development of new processes, establishing and maintaining analytical quality control, and other work involving theoretical or practical application of chemistry and related sciences. Work is regularly performed under general direction with considerable latitude for independent judgment and decision-making.

Essential Functions
Serves as a subject matter expert for other employees in the Laboratory.
Provides cross training and guidance on advanced technologies, instrumentation, and procedures to laboratory personnel to ensure continuous quality data.
Monitors, reviews, evaluates, and validates data to detect or assess problems and to determine compliance with acceptable standards.
Uses advanced instrumentation and technologies such as gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, spectrometers, auto-analyzers, microscopes, ion-chromatographs, or other advanced technical equipment to analyze samples for chemical, physical, metals,and microbiological constituents.
Performs a variety of complex analyses, reviews data produced, insures all QC requirements are met, and uploads data to Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS);
Assists the Laboratory in complying with Federal and State regulations under the Safe Drinking Water and Clean Water Acts that may affect the Commission’s water and wastewater treatment facilities.
Prepares and maintains monthly reports to certify that data satisfies EPA and the Maryland Department of the Environment requirements for environmental test procedures.
Researches new technological advancements for laboratory use. Based on results of research, determines appropriate instruments, methods, procedures, and quality control guidelines to be used in the analysis of samples.
Uploads and monitors data inLIMS or other databases.
Successfully analyzes quarterly and annual Proficiency Testing samples for assigned analyses.
Updates all laboratory required QA/QC and safety records at pre-scheduled intervals.
Maintains and updates all laboratory peer-review forms and documentation.
Conducts, organizes, and manages special projects; including documenting progress, monitoring workflows and milestones, data validations, and final reports.
Oversees work performed by Chemist/Microbiologists and Laboratory Analysts.
Assists Chemist/Microbiologists, Laboratory Analyst I and II when workloads demand.
Prepares and maintains Standard Operating Procedure(SOPs).
Other Functions
Participates in interviewing and selection of laboratory staff.
Investigates customer concerns and questions, formulates responses as required.
Conducts visitor tours of laboratory facilities and capabilities.
Provides technical advice/assistance to the Laboratory Operations Unit Coordinator/Laboratory Group Leader as necessary.
Fills in for Laboratory Operations Unit Coordinator/Laboratory Group Leader as needed.
Prepares data packages for clients when required.
Participates in Stand-by and Call Back Program.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
Work Environment And Physical Demands
Position requires long periods of standing and walking.
Requires periods of repetitive movements.
Requires the safe handling of hazardous material.
Manual dexterity and precision are also required in the use of laboratory equipment and tools.
May be required to move heavy objects up to 100 lbs.
Must wear protective clothing, gloves, mask, and work under a hood.
Required Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities
Thorough knowledge of theories and practices in the fields of chemistry, microbiology, or biology that are applied in analytical procedures in an environmental laboratory.
Thorough knowledge and ability to work with advanced laboratory instrumentation.
Knowledge of Environmental Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Assurance Manuals, Quality Control Protocols, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), EPA Approved Methods, Federal and State Regulations, and all other applicable regulations and guidelines.
Knowledge of Material Data Sheets, Laboratory Safety Procedures, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Knowledge of proper sample collection per State and Federal guidelines.
Knowledge of drinking water and/or wastewater treatment processes.
Skill in the use of various laboratory instrument software and LIMS.
Skill in the operation of advanced analytical instruments including performing routine maintenance and making minor repairs.
Skills using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, and approaches to problems.
Skill in conducting tests and inspections of processes to evaluate quality of performance and accuracy of results.
Ability to prepare comprehensive analytical reports and to interpret test results.
Ability to expand knowledge-base to gain efficiency in new procedures.
Ability to accurately perform chemical, bacteriological, or biological tests with acceptable required quality control.
Ability to effectively prioritize work and manage time in order to meet tight deadlines and constant rush orders.
Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
Ability to interact with internal and external customers in an effective and professional manner.
Minimum Education, Experience Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, microbiology, or environmental science.
6 years laboratory experience.
3 years conducting complex analysis of chemical and/or microbiological contaminants in various environmental samples using technologically advanced laboratory instrumentation.
2 years overseeing the work of subordinate laboratory analysts.