C/C++ Architect

Globant - Mountain View, CA4.2

We are a digitally native company where innovation, design and engineering meet scale. We use the latest technologies in the digital and cognitive field to empower organizations in every aspect.

We want you to join us to work for the biggest clients in tech, retail, travel, banking, ecommerce and media, revolutionizing and growing their core businesses while helping them (and you!) stay ahead of the curve. Be part of a company with the most cutting-edge practices and technologies plus a unique team.


An expert in Unreal Engine in order to integrate the platform with complex backend ecosystems. You should be able to lead a team where design, development and complex testing will enable an outstanding user experience in a customized game using Unreal and real-time rendering.

  • Programming:
  • 7+ years of experience in C++ and VC++
  • Experience in any of the following languages is a plus: Java, Python, Go, Lua
  • Strong knowledge in programming structures, algorithms, and multithreading concepts
  • Oriented to details and software best practices
  • Solid knowledge in graphics/rendering programming as well as supporting rendering pipelines with Unreal Engine
  • Build and edit data models, behavior trees, state machines
  • Design and Architecture:
  • Deep understanding of communication technologies, IPCs, and distributed design principles
  • Experience creating design documents for complex architectures
  • Familiarity with service oriented architecture concepts
  • Ability to research and adapt new technologies quickly in a very dynamic working environment
  • Experience with highly scalable and redundant service architectures is a plus
  • Previous professional experience with graphical user interfaces (Qt, gtkmm, wxwidgets, MFC) is a plus
  • Platforms:
  • C++ Libraries (Boost, log4cxx, libxml2, jsoncpp, etc)
  • Unreal Engine
  • Testing frameworks (cppunit, gtest, SoapUI, PostMan)
  • Relational databases and NoSQL technologies is a plus (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc)
  • Messaging technologies is a plus (ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka)
  • Others:
  • Debugging and performance tools (valgrind, gdb, gperftools, Wireshark, etc)
  • CI Tools: Jenkins (Preferred), Bamboo, TeamCity, CircleCI, etc
  • Demonstrated skills using distributed code repositories (git, darcs, hg) with code reviews
  • Experience working with in Scrum / Kanban
  • Strong TCP/IP and socket skills: blocking and non blocking
We are interested in hard-working, fast-learning talents and we have the know-how and scale to help you make your own career path. If you seek an entrepreneurial, flexible and team-oriented culture, come join us.

We are ready.