Tour Manager, Crimson Tours (Remote, Part-Time)

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Crimson Education is on the hunt for Tour Managers to join our team and work closely with students as they unlock their potential by traveling the world and setting out to learn about various educational and career pathways for their future. This could involve meeting with international diplomats at the UN, learning from software engineers in Silicon Valley and being immersed within some of the world's top universities. Our international tours are designed to inspire the next generation and accelerate the growth of young people through transformative experiences.

Tour Managers act as supervisors and mentors for talented high-school students from across the world as they take part in a unique educational experience to inspire them for their future. The role involves working closely with the Crimson International team and acting as be the main point of contact with students and parents in the lead-up to departure.

Our Tour Managers are integral to the success of Crimson Tours and the impact of the experiences for the students. It's a very diverse role - one day you'll be a tour guide leading the group through major cities, the next you'll be networking with global industry experts working for high-profile organisations. Other tasks will include time management sticking to the tour itinerary, ensuring pre-departure connections are established between all group members and facilitating successful outcomes for each individual student.

What are we looking for? We're looking for Tour Managers who are outgoing, extroverted, interested in learning more about themselves and traveling, as well as folks who are great with attention to detail, love hanging out with students and can think on their feet. Being a team player and showing leadership skills is essential, as you will be coordinating with not only our global network of mentors, but also your fellow tour managers and the team back at HQ.

What's on offer

  • The opportunity to lead and manage a group of high achievers on a life-changing professional and academic development experience
  • Completion of our comprehensive leadership and safety programme
  • Networking opportunities with senior executives and thought leaders in the fields of your interest at global firms like Facebook, NASA, the United Nations, Red Cross and Tiger Management LLC
  • An all-expenses-paid international trip overseas including your accommodation, meals, transport and flights!
What's the commitment? We need TMs who will be able to assist with pre-departure communications and logistical arrangements in the lead-up to departure. This will involve email and maybe a few "webinar" type events where students and parents get to know you in advance of the big trip! Then there's the trip itself, which is generally 2-3 weeks in duration, but very much a personal development for both the students and our TMs.

Where are we going? You could be travelling to the USA, the UK or Europe and with your fellow Tour Managers will be responsible for leading and supervising the student tour group.

Other responsibilities:
  • Executing a pre-departure educational/preparation programme
  • Preparing printed copies of tour documentation
  • Preparing profiles for the speakers and career coaches that will be meeting the students during the tour.
  • Presenting morning briefings and evening reviews with students.
  • Identifying additional activity opportunities for the group such as shopping and sightseeing
  • Ensure that students are safe and well looked after throughout the tour
  • Mediate any interpersonal difficulties that arise through regular check-ins
  • Ensure students have a delightful experience
  • Updating parents, friends and family back home through social media management and engagement.