Clinical Psychologist

Boston Higashi School - Randolph, MA


Job Goal:
The Clinical Psychologist will work with all program staff, case managers, clinical specialists, administrators, and parents using a consultative and collaborative model in the service of and for the benefit of students at the Boston Higashi School using the philosophy and methodology of Daily Life Therapy with integrity and fidelity. May also provide direct interventions with students as needed.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Address clinical issues as they arise related to student needs, setting priorities regarding daily, ongoing, and “crisis” situations. Clinical issues arise from various sources such as nursing concerns from SIBs or medication changes, teacher concerns from behaviors, parent concerns that may relate to school or out of school issues, or suddenly developing safety/ crisis situations, or various other issues (home, school district, agencies).
  • Observe and evaluate individual students as needed, as determined by their IEP goals or referred by supervisors, often for episodes of challenging behaviors.
  • Participate in the admissions process, by evaluating intake submission folders, attending Open House events, touring applicants, meeting with parents during Intake Meetings and participating in Admissions Committee Meeting discussions.
  • Develop update and review student logs as requested to track student behaviors across settings, including online logs across school, residence, and home when needed, including training staff and parents in keeping data up to date.
  • Work with Child Safety Team to address school, family and student safety issues as they arise.
  • Gather and analyze data, establish metrics and prepare reports to enable data driven decision making across all domains.
  • Attend IEP, 3 Year re-evaluations, transitions, progress monitoring meetings for students as directed to provide commentary on cognitive and/or psychological assessments.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Research in ongoing projects that BHS may be involved in, time and scope to be determined.
  • Attend conferences as participant or presenter as requested.
  • Perform other needed tasks as requested by Principal or Executive Director.

Job Requirements:

  • PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • 3 Years experience, some of it working with young children with severe ASD needs
  • Able to work in a multicultural environment
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

Job Type: Full-time