Petrophysicist Specialist (428749)

Aramco Services Company - Houston, TX (30+ days ago)4.3

Our Houston Research Center focuses on research and innovation in geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, production technology, drilling, and sensors development to advance the discovery and recovery of oil and gas. Located in Houston’s Energy Corridor, the center neighbors the nation’s leading petroleum engineering universities, labs, manufacturers, and service companies.

Basic Function

The Houston Research Center of Aramco Services has a position available in the Reservoir Engineering Team for a Senior Petrophysicist. The prospective candidate will be responsible for working with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists for developing innovative methods for characterizing unconventional reservoirs. The potential candidate should have working knowledge and experience with logging software such as those of Geology, Tech Log and Petrel and to understand how to integrate logging data with core data to develop integrated petrophysical models. The candidate must also be familiar and have working knowledge of the nanoscale, microscale and macroscale properties of source rocks and the methods used to investigate and measure these properties. Preferences will be given to those candidates with experience in developing software for integrating these measurements with logging data for the purpose of upscaling to reservoir conditions.

Duties & Responsibilities

Work as an active team member in petrophysics research to develop novel, innovative methods for integrating 2D and 3D FIB - SEM pore scale images and core scale measurements with logging responses to predict probable rock and reservoir properties; predicted properties include porosity, permeability, density TOC, water and hydrocarbon saturation as well as geomechanical attributes
Develop this integrated methodology to determine favorable zones for well completion and guide frac program design to increase well productivity
Use results from this collective research to develop software using programming languages (Python, C++, etc.) for delivery and deployment to operations
Develop synergy between logging measurements core measurements and rock data derived from digital rock physics methods from pore and core scale measurements to predict seismic responses
Responsible for reviewing, evaluating and maintaining the available logging data, including acoustic, pulsed neutron, resistivity, gamma ray and nuclear magnetic resonance data
Present papers and presentations at technical conferences or industry meetings
Stay current and relevant in the petrophysics discipline by reading and reviewing technical journals and attending technical symposiums
Publish, as an author or contribute as a coauthor to articles and papers in high impact technical journals to advance the understanding of petrophysics in unconventional reservoirs
Assist in mentoring other team members concerning petrophysics who are less experienced through discussions and work sessions
Prepare and make presentations to management and other collective scientists concerning proposals, such as project proposals research progress, and for technical seminars
Responsible for submitting documentation covering research and proposed expenditures to project tracking software that maintains and monitors progress of research projects
Perform other related duties as assigned
Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Geology or a related science required; M.S./PhD in the technical sciences is highly preferred; graduate study in a specialized discipline such as mathematics or physics or a related technical science is desirable
Ten to twelve (10-12) years of experience, including at least seven (7) years as a specialist in their discipline
Must show evidence of extensive knowledge of petrophysical applications for developing integrated solutions for reservoir characterization. These must include applications for characterizing both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, if possible.
Must demonstrate technical writing skills by record of publications in technical journals and have a history of active participation in technical society activities
Communication skills must be commensurate with the knowledge required to perform the job and the candidate must have effective interpersonal skills to foster and maintain a team environment
Must be skilled in the use and application of software in addition to petrophysical software such as Matlab, Spotfire and Microsoft based applications to compile correlate and compute results from large data sets or use to code new software applications
Candidate must be highly regarded and accepted as an expert in their principle discipline by their peer group and have experience as petrophysicist/statistician with knowledge of depositional processes and basin analysis
Must be able to communicate and comprehend accurately, clearly and concisely in English at a level required to perform the job as outlined and have good interpersonal and communication skills and proficient technical writing skills
Must possess good work habits, a strong work ethic, and be able to adhere to company work hours, policies, and standard business etiquette