Systems Development Engineer Services, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN

Bachelor’s Degree in a technology related field or equivalent experience to a Bachelor's degree based on 3 years professional experience for every 1 year of education

Deeply understands software versioning control, software delivery automation, and continuous deployment and integration. Is able to deliver software projects, and code, to scale new or existing software services independently on the most critical service platforms. Provides mentorship, and guidance to other software designs and code reviews.Able to communicate and perform deep level risk analysis.

Builds, designs, and implements high scale systems with automation and code. Scale is achieved through automated, and repeated processes that maintains system health with little to no human involvement. System designs include strong understanding of network resliency, and include scaling components including caching layers and cross regional redundancy. Scale is regional in scope, and support critical infrastructure and services.

Amazon is the worlds most customer centric company and is looking to hire highly motivated, best-in-class System Development Engineers to help automate one of the worlds largest and complex networks. With Amazon Web Services, our goal is to become The Infrastructure Platform to the world. Our customers demand the highest quality and reliability for their services. We are expanding at a tremendous rate it is our responsibility to maintain quality and reliability while developing innovative ways to automate the scaling of our network.

As a Systems Development Engineer working within AWS Infrastructure you will:

  • Automate service delivery for critical network services in AWS.
  • Create and update our service standards and ensure that software is deployed to these standards and ensure teams close the loop to continuously validate these truths over time.
  • Work with an established organization to grow your skills over the long haul.
Our ideal candidate is highly autonomous, possesses strong written and verbal communication skills, strong project management and time management skills and has a successful track record of designing simple, scalable solutions and troubleshooting complex network problems and delivering innovative solutions. The desire and ability to work in a fast paced, collaborative environment is essential.

Is considered an operational leader, and is sought after for wide range of impacting events for their own systems or company-wide systems. Able clearly, and crisply communicate customer and business impacting events to leadership while providing expertise to resolve impacts. Dives deep into ambigiuous problems, and writes code/software to eliminate risks at high scale. Provides guidance to system or service owners through operational reviews to identify anti-patterns with detailed examples to prevent production impact.

Experience running services at scale

Has deep knowledge of networking design (e.g. OSI, STAR), and can build systems around network constraints.Has experience in building highly available networks.Understand network security principles, and security technologies (e.g. TLS, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection). Can identify, and directly resolve network failures across multple networks.

Can perform deep analysis on OS and storage sub-systems. Familiarity with more complex OS tooling (e.g. SysVinit). Understands memory handling, and kernel tuning configurations to optimize system performance across hundreds of service critical systems. Understand durability algorithms (e.g. Erasure coding), and benefits of multiple file systems (e.g.NTFS, ext4).Has deep grasp of storage level concepts (e.g. inodes, block-level attributes). Can quickly assess OS or Storage (SAN, NAS) failure across multiple data fabrics.