Hall Monitor: 2018-2019 School Year

Greater Lowell Technical High School - Tyngsboro, MA3.0

RESPONSIBILITIES: (The following is a sample of duties the individual will be called upon to perform; it is not all inclusive)1.Coordinating with discipline office to ensure daily coverage of all duties2.Identify students in crisis and refer them to the appropriate professional personnel3.Assist discipline office with safety throughout the building4.Perform any daily tasks requested by the Assistant Principal and/or the Dean of Discipline & Attendance5.Patrol, monitor, and supervise hallways, restrooms, school grounds, cafeteria, entrance ways, parking and bus areas.6.Check hall passes and escort students as needed.7.Escort school policy offenders to appropriate school personnel or designated area.8.Assume evacuation drill/lock-down responsibilities as assigned.9.Assist, as directed by appropriate personnel, in stopping disturbances.10.Prepare and submit written reports of discipline and security incidents as required by appropriate personnel.11.Assist in supervision and operation of loading/unloading students on school buses, vans as needed.12.Monitor and review surveillance camera and footage as needed.13.Attend training events, meetings and other events as required.14. Interacts thoughtfully and courteously with students, staff and community.15. Attends work regularly and is punctual. 16.Perform related duties as required by , Sr.

Assistant Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean or designee.EDUCATION & RELATED EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: 1.Associates or Bachelors degree preferred2.Experience working with high risk young adults preferred3.Good communication skills4.Professional demeanor5.Trained or willing to be trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention Training or a similar alternative.6. Ability to communicate fluently verbally and in writing; reason, understand verbal instructions, coordinate, and maintain emotional control under stress. 7. The ability to work well with others from diverse backgrounds.

8. The ability to focus on solving conflict; maintaining confidentiality; listening to others without interrupting; remaining open to others ideas and contributing to building a positive learning environment. 9. Ability to lift and/or carry moderate weight (15-25 pounds), stand, walk, climb stairs, ramps, hear, speak, work outside and inside, work with extreme noise on occasion.

The Hall Monitors work the school contact year. Full, generous benefit package offered.