Executive Assistant

Poo~Pourri - Addison, TX

Full-timeEstimated: $40,000 - $56,000 a year
**Please note that this job has not been filled in over 4 months because Suzy is not willing to settle and is looking for a long-term fit. Her last assistants were inherited internally and is looking for a professional that assisting others is their genius**

Rocketship Entrepreneur/spiritual teacher seeking a Command Central Air Traffic Controller aka an Executive Assistant/Chief of staff that is a Workaholic, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Extremely Detail-Oriented with Impeccable Organization and Communications Skills to Help Manage my thriving Businesses.

Here’s what you can expect:
Results-driven, chaotic, intense, high-energy, easygoing, generous, happy, enthusiastic, always changing ,high profile entrepreneur seeks a super-smart, organized, master plate-spinner and expert planner executive assistant to help her with her businesses. Yes, she is looking for a unicorn.

Your primary focus is to protect her time, financial interests, image/brand/reputation and multiply her effectiveness.

She will communicate with you with via text messages, phone calls, emails and audio recordings mostly to assign tasks that need to be done quickly and efficiently. You will be also organizing her email first thing in the morning taking care of emails you can and filing ones for her to review.

Your responsibility will be twofold:
Finishing the tasks quickly in an organized, effective. Always optimizing how she works; you work and everyone around her.
You’ll learn her communications style and voice so you can respond to her emails, written communications and manage the majority of her day-to-day activities, schedule and correspondence so that she can focus on high-value relationships, projects and business activities.
Work with outside travel agencies to provide impeccably detailed travel arrangements (think Beyonce and Bill Gates merged travel style) knowing it can all change on a dime.
Her current businesses include 2 rapidly growing consumer products companies, a thriving high-profile personal brand that includes interviews by top media and speaking events worldwide. Oh and a few new books in the works. No grass growing under her feet here.

This is an extremely rewarding position for someone who loves to learn, has a passion for details and is excited by the thought of being the right hand for a high-profile spiritual entrepreneur. Exposure will be to all parts of her businesses that strongly include marketing, product development, production, creating conscious products that help people be happier, more effective, profitable and make the world a better place to live in.

She is a spiritual entrepreneur that is focused on transformation. So, you must embrace and crave change, and I mean serious change. She’s doing radical personal development on all levels and they are brought into her companies. There is no work life and personal life, all are on. She feels into everything and runs her businesses by intuition. This can appear flakey at times, and her goal is flow. If you’re a good student you will understand the way this works in the world and apply it to your job and personal life too.

The ideal candidate has these qualities:
You understand what the meaning of “DONE” is - finished, tested, verified, communicated as being completed and a response confirmed
Excellent writer – with great spelling and grammar
Highly organized****
Enthusiastic and happy
Reliable & stable
Self-starter and forward thinking (you see around the next corner and always 2 steps ahead)
Improviser of solutions
Takes great notes
Outstanding listener, pays attention and follows directions
No “attitude,” even-tempered, actually manages temper
Quick learner, wants to study and LOVES learn new skills continually
Multi-tasker like no other
Ability to convert chaos into order
Flexible to change all plans on a dime (this is done a lot-she operates by flow remember?)
Results-driven, take orders and execute without micromanaged
Ability to take and give real time feedback
ZERO gossip, you have her back always
Loyal, relationship-oriented and relationship-driven
Don’t take things personally. Effectively communicates feelings and desires.
Can deal with profanity (this entrepreneur uses “colorful” language)
Open to her alternative lifestyle and very fast pace
Great sense of humor and character with a great sense of style aka you have your sh*t together (could represent her at any moment around anyone)

Required Skills and Knowledge:
Excellent writing and editing skills
ORGANIZING, detailed planning, scheduling
Detailed note-taker and expert follow upper. Following up timely with excellent manners
Masterful communicator and problem solver
Managing airline, hotel, car rental reservations, drivers, food, trainers, etc.
Managing high-profile connections and inquiries
Asks great questions in short bursts never to overload and is always professional
Knows how to find solutions and answers online – excellent research skills
Fast touch-typer (mad keyboard skills)
Responsibilities include doing these things or finding outsource assistance to do them and to manage and make sure they’re done properly:

Making sure she completes every mission she accepts. You are an expert completer or communicator when things get held up. You move things along.
Manage and organize commitments, holding others accountable to what they say they will do.
Follow-up quickly, effectively and follow-through with everything you say you will.
Research ANYTHING, summarizing findings in an easy form. She prefers all of her preferences in google doc’s that are accessible for you and other assistants to see. i.e. trainer notes, food allergies. Travel details etc.
Scheduling Calendar - lots of inquiries you will have to sort, prioritize and respond to quickly
Coordinating and communicating with internal team and high-profile external inquiries as well as random inquiries that want me to buy something, fix them, teach them or heal them. You will need to sort through and prioritize.
Managing and responding to her e-mail accounts
Organizing events that are personal and professional
Managing thank-you cards & gifts for team, family and friends, high-profile clients and customers
Masterful coordinating with PR team and the many internal team members for approvals
Managing and coordinating seamlessly with personal assistant/estate manager you will work hand in hand with.
Work Location

In Person in Addison or East Side Dallas must be available from 8:30-5:30 CST. Note she travels a lot and you can work from home on Fridays and other days she's out with communication. You will mirror her a lot.
Full-time, flexible hours but must be accessible anytime, need to be available on-call and weekends unless you let her know in advance that you won’t be available

Why I need help:
I often get overwhelmed with “busy” tasks that prevent me from focusing on the tasks that I find profitable and enjoyable. I’m spending too much time letting my businesses run me instead of the other way around. I need space to create. I need someone to hold others accountable to what they say they will do. I spend too much time following up and wondering, “did that ever…” and “what happened to…”

Here’s the stuff I SHOULD and WANT to be doing but often can’t because I’m constantly interrupted:

Relationship-building and connecting with the many people that want to connect
Being a visionary leader and inspiration to my internal team, companies and to the outside world through my writing and speaking events
Creativity, creativity, creativity mostly by having space, synchronicity and flow

Hours required:
45+ per week

Time required for availability:
8:30 am – 5:30 pm Central Standard Time
Some check-in needed during weekends to check for emergency support issues (businesses do not “stand still” on weekends)
Flexibility as long as you’re responsive and get your work done and let me know in advance when you won’t be available

Primary Qualities Desired in YOU:
My #1 rule: your family and your body come FIRST. As long as you let me know what’s going on so I can manage expectations, you can take care of your family and I strongly and highly support you taking care of your body too. You’ll be happier and perform better in every part of your life!
Genius at planning and organizing - if you are not a genius, do NOT apply! All of your references will be asked if this is your area of genius
RESULTS- driven and conscious of time versus expenses and how you use your time. Specifically, if you can find a solution for a problem that costs less time + money than your time. You outsource when you need help in order to get things done and are always protecting company money.
Clearly understand what DONE means. That means it’s finished, quality-controlled, delivered, or I know it’s done and has responded as being “received and accepted.” Sending an email with a link doesn’t mean DONE.
Know how to “think” and make pragmatic decisions. If you’re an order-taker who needs things “just so” and in a linear order, and need constant direction or supervision, this is NOT the right job for you. You’ve got to be an improviser and problem-solver.
Are responsible - shows up and keeps me informed CONSTANTLY of results.
Must be willing to look ahead and keep their eyes on my business. You see around the next corner. Basically I don’t have to think.
Is absolutely dedicated and committed to learning new skills and constantly wants to improve their life (bonus if you’ve studied or attended Tony Robbins events, are a graduate of Landmark Forum or a similar personal growth course).
You absolutely, positively MUST NOT BE A FLAKE. If you EVER just disappear without telling me first or without an explanation or simply don’t show up without informing me, it will immediately terminate our relationship. I have ZERO tolerance for this.
Good news is best. Bad news is fine. No news is NEVER OK. I need to know what’s going on. You pick up the phone and call if something important is happening and continue doing so until the problem is done.
Consistency. Consistent behavior, consistent performance is very important to me. Your ability to create workflows and schedule yourself to perform specific consistent tasks consistently is critical to our success.
Replication. Your value to me increases substantially when you identify things that can be done by someone else for less, be able to create a documented workflow and find someone to accomplish those tasks so you can work on other tasks and projects that are more important, more critical and have higher value. Your ability to “work yourself out of one job and into another” will affect our long-term relationship and your income. Specifically, I want you to find people to do your job better than you for less money so I can get more done! I’ll always find more stuff for you to do – and when you make me more productive, you’ll make more income. Everyone wins.
Detail-oriented and note-taker. You ABSOLUTELY are a note-taker. If you find yourself asking the same question more than once or can’t find your notes, you’re not the right person for this job and won’t last for a day. I don’t like repeating myself.
Relationship-driven. EVERYTHING I do, ultimately, is about relationships and reputation. Over time, you’ll learn and “meet” my connections, contacts and people I do business with. I’ll often ask you to follow up with someone I’ve been doing business with for a few years, look through prior emails so you understand the context of that relationship and you’ll be able to respond intelligently. This will save an enormous amount of time.
Availability to travel with me when needed otherwise by mobile text or phone from 7:30 am CST – 9:00 pm CST and weekends. Also, if I am traveling and have an emergency that happens outside these hours (rare).

My Goals:
I need someone who can think on their feet and keep me organized and reduce chaos. You’re my #1 filter for the outside world.

Although I’m a very compassionate and empathic person, I need to make decisions on feelings first then check with based on facts, history, research and results. I will have a gut feeling and you must check the FACTS to substantiate the feeling note we often don’t know until after! So you need to be able to gather facts, data, research and present information to me.

My Work Style:
I am a creative that needs and values space which is hard with so many businesses. You will be required to optimize my time and keep me on track, so I have more space to create. Our end goal someday is to have me working by the beach only 2 hours a day and you supporting me remotely (you can be at the beach too maybe) produce a tremendous amount of work and tend to leave a wake behind me. I appear chaotic due to the fact that there are many things going on at once. I'm good at "dumping" lots of tasks on someone and I have a "hands off" approach to management. In fact, I’m a terrible (like really, really bad) manager – but I’m very specific about what I want and am completely results-focused.

I’ll tell you EXACTLY what I think and how I’m feeling – so you won’t get any sugar-coating or BS out of me. If you can’t deal with the truth in a very direct way, your feelings get hurt easily, this position isn’t for you. I must have an emotionally mature person to collaborate with. I’m looking for a long term relationship aka my right arm.

Business Skills And Helpful Areas of Knowledge that Will Increase Your Value (and not required):

Management Consulting
Personal Development
Publicity / PR
Publishing / Authors
Research and Development
Video Production
Web Development and Internet
Some Other Stuff You Need to Know about Me if We Work in the Same Room (just some things I’m particular about):

I have hypersensitive senses (hearing, smell and touch). Specifically, I’m super-sensitive to certain smells. If we work together, you can’t wear cologne, perfumes or stinky stuff because it will make my eyes, nose and throat burn. EVERYTHING matters I create experiences wherever I go that makes me an impeccable marketer.
I am a power professional that is a hippie. I go to burning man and am also featured by Forbes. I am diverse.
I am direct, very direct with real-time feedback (and I appreciate the same) I practice transparency and radical honesty
I am open to your beliefs and you need to be to mine.
I like things done if you say, “I got this”. I need to trust you have it. I require communication, don’t like to have to ask “where is _____??” That DRIVES me crazy.
My stressors are being time crunched due to poor planning, too packed of schedule or things partially organized and inconstancy meaning sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t (this will send me into a tailspin).
I can’t stand loud noises or environments make me feel happy. I require locations that are inspiring even if a hotel room. I prefer funky places with great style.
I have very specific travel requirements and have a documented system for handling all of them. I will tell you my preferences and expect you to know them. Remember Beyonce and Bill Gates travel mix .
Being grateful and praise are my weakness and I am REALLY working on slowing down to appreciate you more. Please tell me when you require more appreciation. I will do the same.
All qualified candidates will be notified and sent additional questions.