Murray Center Coordinator

New Jersey Institute of Technology - Newark, NJ4.3

Part-timeEstimated: $58,000 - $79,000 a year
The Murray Center Coordinator [hereafter MCC] assists the Murray Center Director in achieving the Murray Center’s core mission: “to ensure the sustainable advancement of NJIT women by facilitating individual growth, community interaction, and institutional transformation.” Specifically, the MCC helps coordinate and assess a variety of Murray Center initiatives designed to increase the recruitment and retention of women students and faculty and foster career success. The MCC also assists the director in managing the day-to-day operations of the Murray Center.

Essential Functions:
1. Under the direction of the Murray Center Director, help to develop and coordinate special projects to retain NJIT women students. Specifically, a. Help to coordinate the Murray Center initiatives designed to increase the retention of first year women undergraduates; b. Help to coordinate Murray Center initiatives designed to integrate new women transfer students into the university community; c. Help to coordinate Murray Center initiatives designed to support the career success of women graduate students; d. In concert with the Director, collaborate with NJIT academic departments, the NJIT Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and other groups on joint student retention/career advancement initiatives. 2. Under the direction of the Director, help to develop and coordinate the Center’s efforts to recruit women students. e.g., a. Assist the Director in making presentations at Open Houses, Dean’s Days, the Newark College of Engineering’s Career Day, etc., including follow-up activities with prospective students. 3. Under the direction of the Director, help to coordinate initiatives to recruit, retain, and advance women faculty. 4. In collaboration with the Director, develop and conduct both quantitative and qualitative assessment to measure the success of Murray Center initiatives and to monitor the university’s efforts to recruit, retain, and advance women faculty. a. At the request of the director, write assessment reports and present assessment data to internal and external audiences; b. Use social network analysis methods to track interactions among faculty and among students. c. Assist the director in writing grant proposals to secure external funding for Murray Center initiatives.
5. At the request of the Director, represent the Murray Center at events, meetings and conferences, both internal and external—including the Committee on Women’s Leadership. Make presentations to internal and external audiences. 6. Assist the Director in planning and hosting Murray Center events and conferences, including the annual Gilbreth Colloquium. 7. Assist the Director and the Special Projects Manager in managing work assignments for the Center's staff of work-study students, e.g. a. Help assure that the Center is adequately covered by staff from 10am to 6pm each weekday; b. Help assign student employees to specific tasks, e.g. preparing flyers, posters, mailings, housekeeping chores, filing, etc.; c. Help facilitate communication among student employees in order to eliminate redundancy of effort; d. Help monitor the performance of student employees to assure that tasks are completed in a timely manner. 8. Assist the Director and the Special Projects Manager in monitoring the status of the Murray Center facility and its equipment—e.g. a. Issue work orders when Center needs servicing. b. Maintain computers, printers, fax machine, etc. in good working order; issue repair orders when necessary; c. Order supplies as needed. d. Troubleshoot problems that occur in daily operation of the center. 9. Assist the Director and the Special Projects Manager in monitoring the Center’s budget. a. Enter requisitions, monitor approvals and follow up on payments.

Essential Characteristics:
1. Accomplishment Aptitude - establishes and follows through on a systematic course of action for self or others to assure accomplishment of a specific objective. Determines priorities and allocates time and resources effectively producing desired results at the level expected for the position. 2. Customer Focus - focuses one's efforts on identifying and meeting internal and external customer's needs in a manner that provides satisfaction for the customer, within the parameters of the position and the available resources, cognizant of departmental and/or university policy and authorized practices. 3. Initiative - evaluates, selects and acts on various methods and strategies for solving problems and meeting objectives within parameters of position before being asked or required to do so; self-directed rather than passively complying with instructions or assignments.
4. Achievement/Goal Orientation - demonstrates a concern and aptitude for achieving or surpassing results against an internal or external standard of excellence, showing passion for improving the delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement. 5. Creativity/Innovation - generates novel and valuable ideas and uses these ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems or services. 6. Teamwork/Team Orientation - Willingly cooperates and works collaboratively toward solutions which generally benefit all parties involved; works cooperatively with others to accomplish departmental and university objectives.

Prerequisite Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree. Demonstrated interest gender equity and in supporting the career success of women, especially in science, engineering, math, architecture, and design. Ability to work independently and proactively. Familiarity with qualitative and quantitative assessment methods and social network analysis techniques. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Experience in project management and small office management.

Preferred Qualifications:
Ability to carry out statistical analysis, including experience in using SAS, SPSS, R and other, similar software packages. Familiarity with MS Office and other software productivity tools. Basic web site management skills desirable. At the university's discretion, the education and experience prerequisites may be excepted where the candidate can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the university, an equivalent combination of education and experience specifically preparing the candidate for success in the position.


Special Instructions to Applicants:
Please attach cover letter as well as CV.