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This is the job description for RECEIVING CLERK


Job Title: Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Department: Food and Beverage
Company: Dimension Development
Reports To: Director of Food and Beverage
Supervises: N/A
Job Description Date: May 1, 2014
Job Purpose: To ensure that the hotel is obtaining the quality and quantity of food products ordered at the quoted price utilizing a bid system to safeguard the company’s investment in food and beverage inventory and to provide management with accurate and timely operational statistics and/or reports.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Be aware of month–to-date raw food costs, monthly budget and current status with regard to purchases so that pro active measures can be taken to meet and exceed monthly budgeted food cost.
2. Procure all goods and services by securing bids on all purchases and being responsible for monthly and weekly quote sheets from major purveyors.
3. Ensure the resort is obtaining the quality and quantity of merchandise ordered at the quoted price and to code and process all invoices.
4. Maintain coolers and food storage areas at all times, communicate with Sous Chefs.
5. Required to work on days of food order placement.
6. Maintain monthly inventory including: updating prices due to fluctuations, collect all inventory count sheets, collect all transfers (food to bar, bar to food liquor,) send results to accounting, verify accuracy and make adjustments if necessary.
7. Make recommendations to management in regard to maximizing profit margins.
8. Prepare reports, as requested, including and internal food and beverage costs, to develop a more informative data base for improved management decision making and critical evaluation of work activities.
9. Audit food and beverage invoices for proper prices, extensions and discounts; track credits due from vendors, working with accounting department to ensure accurate payments.
10. Control product/owners’ assets and prevent loss through theft and/or spoilage.
11. Ensure the proper authorization for the release of product and account for daily food and beverage issues.
12. Ensure proper check in and storage procedures are adhered to, i.e. Scales, etc.
13. Oversee and assist with physical food and beverage inventories.
14. Review, evaluate and reconcile end of month food and beverage results and reports to food and beverage director and executive chef.
15. Receive food by physical checking off of invoices; product received for product ordered.
16. Store food using FIFO method in all areas. Labeled, dated. Use of, USE FIRST stickers.
17. Ship out and receive all items from carriers to include hotel and guest packages
18. Record all received items from carriers and deliver to appropriate location.
19. Keep all carrier items in an orderly fashion.
20. Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications: Describe the minimum qualifications needed to complete the job responsibilities.