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Position Type:
Support Staff/Paraprofessional

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Linn Grove Elementary

  • Position Title: Paraprofessional

    Immediate Supervisor: Building Principal or Designee

    Job Summary/Goal:

    Assist in providing a well-organized, smooth functioning classroom environment, under the guidance of classroom teachers, in which all students can take full advantage of the instructional program and available resource materials. Demonstrate a positive demeanor, loyalty to the students and District, cooperation, teamwork, excellent attendance, and exemplary safety.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    Duties may vary by season, grade-level and activity usage; however, Significant Performance Responsibilities are listed below. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. Other duties may be assigned which fulfill the needs of students.

    Support Teachers:

    • Assist classroom teacher in devising special strategies for reinforcing learning materials and skills based on understanding of individual students, their needs, interests and abilities.

    • Research, plan and develop age appropriate activities for lesson plans in conjunction with classroom teacher.

    • Assist the classroom teacher in administering, supervising and scoring appropriate screenings and assessments. Serve as chief source of information and provide assistance to student teachers and/or substitutes in the absence of the classroom teacher.

    • Alert classroom teacher of any issues or special information about individual students.

    • Plan and organize work to efficiently meet assigned schedules and deadlines.

    Student Interaction / Learning Support:

    • Assist classroom teachers with implementing instructional strategies for students.

    • Implement, under the supervision of classroom teacher, instructional programs and lesson plans for the purpose of assisting the teacher in improving students' academic success through a defined course of study.

    • Work with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of materials or skills introduced and outlined by classroom teacher.

    • Guide students in independent study for the purpose of ensuring student success.

    • Assist with physical or behavioral needs of individual students.

    • Implement effective behavior control strategies as directed by administration.

    • Record behavioral incidents and accident reports, etc.

    • Utilize relevant positive methods to motivate the student(s).

    • Develop working rapport with the student(s).

    • Help build student self-esteem and encourage caring and helping behaviors among students (PRIDE rules / Olweus).

    • Effectively identify and respond to problems as they arise.

    • Relate to and interact with students using positive reinforcement and effective communication.

    • Demonstrate self as an appropriate role model for students in the areas of dress, language and behavior.

    • Use standard universal health precautions.

    • Provide supervision inside and outside the building, including but not limited to breakfast, lunch, recess, classrooms and hallways as directed.

    • Ensure and maintain a safe and orderly learning environment in a variety of school settings; i.e., classroom, lunchroom, playground, hallways, field trips, etc.

    • Ensure that proper safety practices are followed at all times.

    • Maintain confidentially of all student records.


    • Assume duties and responsibilities as assigned by teacher and/or building administrator.

    • Greet student(s) and parents as they arrive.

    • Demonstrate effective communication skills with the school community including students, colleagues, families and administration.

    • Promote an atmosphere of respect for students and adults.

    • Positively contribute to school and district functions and activities.

    Professional Responsibilities:

    • Assume duties and responsibilities as assigned by classroom teacher and/or building administrator.

    • Create a fair, supportive and inclusive learning and working environment for all students and employees regardless of their race, creed, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or genetic information.

    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of and abide by District and school policies and procedures.

    • Attend meetings as required.

    • Maintain professional growth, current Mandatory Reporting Training, First Aid, CPR certification as required by state and federal regulations.

    • Participate in ongoing professional development specific to student and building needs.

    • Report to assigned building as scheduled.

    • Demonstrate ethical behavior.

    • Make safe work decisions - abide by all safety rules and regulations and ensure that proper safety practices are followed at all times.

    • Strictly adheres to confidentiality of all information and student records.

    • Perform other duties as assigned.

    • Demonstrate regular and reliable attendance.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

    • Willingly accepts, understands and follows directions and instructions.

    • Ability to learn, understand and implement appropriate student behavior techniques and address inappropriate student behavior in a proactive way.

    • Ability to respond to crisis intervention.

    • Effective interpersonal skills.

    • Read and comprehend at student grade level or above.

    • Effectively operate standard school/clerical equipment; i.e., computer, copier, audio-visual, etc.

    • Working knowledge of a variety of computer software applications in word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation software (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.).

    • Communicate effectively and professionally with parents, students, other school employees and community members.

    • Possess a genuine interest in helping students.

    • Possess patience as to not get easily discouraged.

    • Ability to address inappropriate student behavior in a proactive way.

    • Ability to help students become more self-sufficient and/or successful.

    • Ability to accept and complete assigned responsibilities in a timely and effective manner.

    • Knowledge of and interest in a variety of educational areas such as music, arts, sports, and games.

    • Leadership skills in directing student activities.

    • Maintain professional growth, current Mandatory Reporting Training, First Aid, CPR certification as required by state and federal regulations.

    Supervisory Responsibilities:

    If required, supervise students throughout the building/playground.

    Minimum Education and Experience:
    • High School diploma or equivalent.
    • Experience working with students preferred but not required.

    Licensure or Certification:
    • Paraprofessional license issued by the Board of Educational Examiners.
    • American Heart or Red Cross Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification for adult, child and infants including Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and barrier devices (preferred).

    • American Heart or Red Cross First Aid certification (preferred).

    • Annual Mandatory Reporting for Child/Dependent Adult Abuse.

    Physical Demands: (The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.)

    Must be capable of standing *Constantly.

    Must *Constantly present appropriate appearance and personal cleanliness suited to working in close proximity to school age children and adults.

    Must be able to *Frequently work with interruptions during a work shift.

    Must be capable of *Frequently working with co-workers with different personalities.

    It may be necessary to lift up to 80 pounds to waist level (with assistance), lift up to 30 pounds to shoulder level, and lift up to 25 pounds above head level.

    Must be capable of carrying a wheelchair, other mobility devices, equipment or supplies weighing up to 50 pounds for a distance of 20 feet.

    Must be capable of carrying a wheelchair, other mobility devices, equipment or supplies weighing up to 50 pounds up 10 steps.

    Must be capable of trunk rotation for up to 2 minutes at a time.

    Must be capable of squatting for up to 2 minutes.

    Must be capable of sitting at different levels including adult and child height chairs (12 inches), benches and the floor and up and down movements to attain those different levels.

    Must be willing to come into contact with body fluids such as urine, blood and nasal secretions and contagious diseases such as flu and the common cold.

    Must be capable of using cleaning and sanitizing chemicals with appropriate PPE's.

    Must be capable of working in broad range of temperatures, humidity and other winter and summer environments.

    Must be capable of working in a noisy environment.

    Must have physical dexterity in limbs and digits necessary to physically interact with children in a playground and classroom environment.

    Is required to pass a pre-employment physical.

    * - Denotes standard values established by the Department of Labor

    NOTE: Tasks that have physical demands that exceed the above stated limits should only be performed with sufficient manpower.

    Work Environment: (The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.)

    The noise level in this environment is quiet to loud, depending upon the activity in the particular location and part of the day. The environment has little or no air conditioning. Some supervisory responsibilities may require the employee to work outside in all types of weather.


    Outdoor clothing including coats, boots, gloves, and hat dependant on environmental conditions.


    • Computers: APPLE/IBM/IBM-compatible, copier, laminators, fax machine, phones, intercom.

    • Brooms, mops, rags, buckets, garbage liners and cans, cleaning chemicals, hand broom, and dust pan for cleanup operations.

    • Other educational equipment as may be available; such as TV's, projectors, VCR and DVD players.