License Mental Health Professional (LMHP)

New Way of Southwest Louisiana - Ville Platte, LA

30+ days agoFull-time

This position requires a Master’s degree in social work, counseling, psychology, or a related human services field.

The LMHP must be a (1) licensed professional counselor who is licensed as such under the provision of R.S. 37:1101-1115; and whose initial date of licensure is on or after August 15, 1996; or (2) who is endorsed by the Licensed Professional Counselor Board of Examiners as meeting all licensure conditions required on August 15, 1996. (3) The LMHP must be an employee of the agency, not a contracted employee.

Required Competencies:

Must possess good inter-personnel and organizational skills.

Must be able to communicate well with staff, clients, parents,

and stakeholders

Must be able to multitask

Must be able to establish good relations with staff, clients,

parents and stakeholders

Must be self-motivated

Must exhibit leadership ability


This person provides ongoing clinical direction, oversight, and coordination of services for all MHR consumers in their caseload. The provider will maintain a sufficient role LMHP, who are licensed to practice independently in the state of Louisiana to diagnose and treat mental illness and/or substance abuse to meet the client’s needs.

Job Requirements

This position requires the ability to assure active consumer involvement; coordinate and manage services provided through the agency; assure access to and coordinate MHR Services with those provided non-MHR agencies.

Essential Duties

List job duties and responsibilities below:

1. Contacts consumer face-to-face and by phone.

2. Provides aggressive outreach if consumer begins to participate less than specified in the treatment plan.

3. Serves as team leader for the assessment

4. Assures development of Consumers Treatment Plans

5. Engages in collateral consultation.

6. Assist the individual and family members or other collaterals to identify strategies or treatment options associated with the individual’s mental illness, with the goal of minimizing the negative effects of mental illness symptoms or emotional disturbances or associated environmental stressors which interfere with the individual’s daily living, financial management, housing, academic and/or employment progress, personal recovery or resilience, family and/or interpersonal relationships and community integration.

7. Provides individual supportive counseling, solution-focused interventions, emotional and behavioral management and problem behavior analysis with the individual, with the goal of assisting the individual with development and implementing social, interpersonal, self-care, daily living and independent living skills to restore stability, to support functional gains and to adapt to community living.

8.Participates in and utilizes strengths-based planning and treatments, which includeassisting the individual and family members or other collaterals with identifying strengths and needs, resources, natural supports and developing goals and objectives to utilize personal strengths, resources, and natural supports to address functional deficits associated with the mental illness.

9. Assist the individual with effectively responding to or avoiding identified precursors or triggers that would risk their remaining in a natural community location, including assisting the individual and family members or other collaterals with identifying a personal psychiatric or personal crisis, developing a crisis management plan and/or, as appropriate, seeking other supports to restore stability and functioning.

10. Restores, rehabilitates, and supports to develop skills to locate, rent and keep ahome, landlord/tenant negotiations, selecting a roommate and renter’s rights and responsibilities.

11. Assists the individual to develop daily living skills specific to managing their own home, including managing their money, medications and using community resources and other self care requirements.

12. Restores, rehabilitates, and supports to develop social and interpersonal skills to increase community tenure, enhance personal relationships, establish support networks, increase community awareness, develop coping strategies and effective functioning in the individual’s social environment, including home, work, and school.

13. Restores, rehabilitates and supports to develop daily living skills to improve self-management of the negative effects of psychiatric or emotional symptoms that interfere with a person’s daily living. Supporting the individual with development and implementation of daily living skills and daily routines necessary to remain in home, school, work and community.

14. Provide direct care to clients utilizing the core competencies of addiction counseling and/or mental health counseling and may serve as primary counselor to specified caseload

15. Serve as resource person for other professionals in their specific area of expertise

16. Attend and participate in individual care conferences, treatment planning activities, and discharge planning

17. Provide on-site and direct professional supervision of any unlicensed professional or inexperienced professional

18. Function as the client’s advocate in all treatment decisions affecting the client

19. Prepare and write notes or other documents related to recovery (e.g. assessment, progress notes, treatment plans, discharge, etc.).

20. Assisting the individual with effectively responding to or avoiding identified precursors or triggers that result in functional impairments.

21. Provides preliminary assessment of risk, mental status and mental stability and need for further evaluation or other mental health services

22. Provides short term crisis intervention

23. Provides follow up with the individual and caretaker.

24. Consults with a physician or other qualified providers to assist individual in crisis.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Psychiatric: 3 years (Preferred)


  • Master's (Preferred)


  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) (Preferred)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Preferred)