Operations Administrative Assistant

The Connection Movement - Brooklyn, NY

Part-time | Commission$15 - $20 an hour
Our business is growing and I’m looking for someone inspired to grow with us long-term. Your role will be focused on day-to-day operations, relationship building with high level influencers and brands, and the full range of both exciting and practical ins-and-outs of expanding a social impact company. We are looking for someone who is a fantastic communicator - written and verbal - as well as a total geek when it comes to organization, details, systemization, finding useful tools and apps, and automating. They thrive in a fluctuating work environment—where priorities change, tasks range in length, and work is often parallel in nature (rather than serial / one-thing-at-a-time). The Connection Movement is ready for a structural overhaul. Come be our organizational Sergeant with a Heart. (Extra points if you like puns and instigating occasional dance breaks.) This role will report to the founder. You must be in NYC or Brooklyn area.

  • Task / Project / CRM Management – Use a Getting Things Done system or similar to track and organize tasks so that both you and the founder can understand what’s getting done, what’s not getting done, and what needs getting done; set up Hubspot for tracking relationships.
  • General Management – Manage some of the founder’s projects, schedule, inboxes and occasional personal errands; give them helpful reminders and nudges where appropriate; track details while maintaining a bird’s eye view.
  • Data Entry / Spreadsheets – Enter event participants, networking contacts, expenses, etc. into spreadsheets; bonus points for knowing how to clean up past data, remove duplicates, automate data entry.
  • File Management – Organize Google Drive / cloud storage, hard drives, etc. into legible folders with search-friendly names; overhaul with some regular maintenance needed.
  • Email Admin – Be a point of email contact who can answer basic questions or escalate important messages to the founder.
  • Social Media Management – Work with Social Media Interns to: Monitor Facebook groups & inboxes and Instagram account; find relevant content and re-post with appropriate tagging, hashtags; engage with relevant influencers and groups; bonus points for knowing how to automate Facebook tasks.
  • Event Setup / Greeter – Check people into in-person events, take payments, record attendance, bring supplies, a little bit of set up and clean up, collect testimonials. (OR manage intern or volunteer to do this role)
  • Event Management – Draft outreach / event posts based on shorthand notes; create and manage events on Eventbrite, Eventzilla, Meetup, & Facebook.
  • Venue / Vendor Management – Manage venue relationships by confirming reservations and arranging alternatives when needed.
  • Website Admin – Maintain / update basic Wordpress or Squarespace sites. *Helpful if you have experience creating sites as well.
  • Mailing List Management – Update and maintain mailing lists on Mailchimp, smartly compose newsletters and automated funnels.
  • Intern / Virtual Assistant Management – Post internship opportunities, drive selection process, and help manage interns or virtual assistants.
  • Basic Bookkeeping – Help manage contractor payments, invoices, bills, commissions, and referral fees; categorize expenses; balance cash flow.
  • Promotional Material Production – Create or hire someone to create flyers, Facebook headers, postcards, PDFs, Powerpoint slides, etc.
Desired Skills & Qualifications:
  • Task Organization - Tasks will come from all directions—in person, over text, over email. Catch them and sort into your sensible to-do system. Have a pen / keyboard at the ready.
  • Communication with Founder - Be proactive in asking questions and speaking up when confused or stuck. Contribute your ideas, insights, and opinions without hesitation.
  • Juggling Tasks - Tasks will often either be “in progress” or “waiting” for something, and you’ll have multiple tasks going on in parallel. Be prepared to juggle lots in the air.
  • Tech Savvy - Know how to use a Mac and common apps like email, Facebook, Google Docs, spreadsheets, etc. Pick up new apps quickly. Use Google searches / customer support services proactively.
  • Writing / Editing - Be able to draft professional yet personable emails and outreach copy, with accurate spelling and grammar.
  • Self-starter - You’ll be managing yourself, so don’t wait to be told what to do! You’ll track your own hours and benefit from lots of flexibility in the job. Enjoy your independence.
As a Connection Movement Team Member, you should pride yourself on your organizational as well as written and spoken communication skills, highly value integrity with your word and commitments, prioritize mindfulness in your life, and be easy/fun to work with. You should be highly curious, disciplined, and self-motivated. You love to get things done and can hold a big vision as you execute the steps towards it.

Bonus Skills / Proficiencies:
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Website design / management
  • Newsletter design / content curation
  • Basic accounting
  • In-person or over-the-phone networking / sales / customer support
  • Authentic Relating / Circling (if you don’t know what those are, no worries!)
Dates and Timelines:
  • Looking for someone with immediate availability
  • 20-30 hours per week, depending on the candidate and needs (flexibility may be given for the right candidate)
  • We'd like to have the right person start in the next few weeks.
  • This can lead to a managerial position, should you be the right fit
Job Application linked here.