ENTRY LEVEL Jr.Processor/Jr.Underwriter-We Will Train

Greenbox Loans, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA (30+ days ago)

This is an entry level position, with entry level compensation. We will train the right candidate. You will learn mortgage processing and mortgage junior underwriting. The person in this position will be an assistant to the Team Leader/Sr. Underwriter. Greenbox Loans, Inc. is THRIVING and we have the need to hire an additional 2-4 individuals. IF you have a finance background, customer service skills, ability to speak clearly over the phone and communicate in a professional manner AND you are looking for a change in your career...This might be the job for you. The following are some of the responsibilities in brief: We will train you - you will learn our unique guidelines and also our internal OS system: Lending QB (LQB)

  • Assist Underwriters on reviewing new loan files to ensure loan meets agency and program criteria with a minimum standard.
  • Assist Underwriters on reviewing transmittal & Form 1003 to make sure it is accurate and complete, compare to findings to verify that all information matches.
  • Assist Underwriters on reviewing credit reports and compare to liabilities on Form 1003
  • Assist Underwriters on verifying the investor guidelines for outstanding derogatory items and requirement payment or satisfaction if needed. Request updated mortgage history if needed.
  • Assist Underwriters on calculating income using documentation required per agency, questioning any substantial changes in income.
  • Assist Underwriters on reviewing assets statements to compare to required assets. Require documentation and source for any recent large deposits.
  • Assist Underwriters on review title to verify borrower has ownership on a refinance transaction and that the seller has ownership for purchase transaction
  • Check that chain of title meets investor requirements
  • Assist Underwriters on Verifying there are no unpaid liens or judgments and that all mortgage liens are paid off through the transaction
  • Compare tax figures to Form 1003
  • Assist Underwriters on review appraisal to ensure the value is supported and that the appraiser has provided complete accurate appraisal
  • Order value review on loans considered high-risk
  • Assist Underwriters on reviewing file to make sure that it complies with applicable regulatory, state and federal requirements
  • Assist Underwriters on Calculating net tangible benefit for states that require this test
  • Assist Underwriters on Verifying the rate lock matches the underwriting file with the correct program, loan-to-value, credit score and pre-payment penalty
  • Assist Underwriters on Reviewing final conditions turned in for Underwriting Final Approval within 24 hours.
  • Maintain current and fluid knowledge of investor and agency guidelines
  • Assist Underwriters on Approving loan with proper documentation or recommend further action.
  • Provide feedback to managers regarding effectiveness and success of training programs.
  • Assist underwriting on uploading documentation to 3rd parties-including Agencies-USDA, VA, PMI Companies, and/or Correspondents.
  • Assist managing underwriter’s pipelines-UW Active Pipeline, Action Recommendation, Suspend, Counteroffer.
  • Any other duties as assigned.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact me directly:

Thank you!

Diana Macias

Greenbox Loans, Inc.

213 235 4204

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Job Type: Full-time