Server- Poolside and Banquets

The Westgate Hotel - San Diego, CA (30+ days ago)3.7

Objective/Job Description: Provide Food and Beverage service of all assigned functions as specified on the BEO (Banquet Event Order); ensuring all standards are adhered to in accordance with Banquet Standards Operating Procedures.

Qualifications & Experience:
High School Diploma or GED Required

Must be able to read, write and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace. We require strong verbal communication skills

Must be able to work in various temperatures; both inside and outside

Must be able to lift a minimum of 30lbs. Push-pull or move 300lbs, please use buddy system so as not to get hurt.

Essential Duties: Keys to Success

Staff Appearance - We are all well-groomed and wear a clean, pressed uniform with a name badge.

Uniform should be pressed and clean. You should wear Your nametag.
Both Women & Men, Follow standards as set forth in Employee Manual
Always wear correct polished closed-toe non-slip shoes
Efficiency - All services are provided without delay, especially room deliveries which arrive within 10 minutes. Guest requests are handled with a calm sense of urgency.

Report to Banquet Supervisor at Kronos clock at your scheduled time. Be in complete uniform and ready to receive assignments for the function.
Keep your copy of the BEO and assignments on you at all times.
Work with fellow team members to complete room setup.
Perform assigned side work duties as assigned by Banquet Captain.
Guest Comfort & Convenience - When addressing guests, we do not decline any request without offering an alternative. Guests are escorted, instead of pointing and giving directions

Servers will review food and beverage menus and special requests at a pre-shift meeting and hand out diagram.
Before guest arrival, tables should be detailed and tray-jack stations should be checked.
Provide food and beverage service as outlined in your pre-meal meeting in accordance with the banquet standard operation procedures, ensuring proper guest service satisfaction.
Elements of Luxury -Luxurious appointments and furnishings surround us at this beautiful facility. We contribute to the experience by delivering and handling amenities, food, beverage, guest personal belongings and room deliveries in a noteworthy manner.

Dress Tables in a pleasing manner as set forth in your training manual
Build Buffets with elevations and set in an order pleasing to the eye

Food & Beverage Service Quality - Our food and beverage presentations are precise, carefully plated and made with fresh ingredients.

Have complete knowledge of the menu and beverages you will be serving.
Know vegetarian option.
Pay close attention to special meal requests and dietary needs
Graciousness, Thoughtfulness & Sense of Personalized Service - We exhibit a genuine sense of interest and concern for each guest we encounter and use their name as a signal of recognition.

Be personable & professional with our clients.
Ask if there is anything else you can bring them to make them more comfortable in our space?
Be kind and understanding to our co-workers
Technical Execution, Skill, and Knowledge - We perform the requirements of our department knowledgeably and we can capably answer questions about the entire hotel.

Know and understand the Banquet department policies
Upon completion of the function, attend post-meal function meeting held by the Banquet Captain.
Complete all closing side work assigned. Check out with Banquet Captain before signing out for your shift. Leave the property after signing out.
Attend all department meetings.
Perform any and all duties assigned by management.
Courtesy & Manners - We engage our guests by smiling and maintaining good eye contact. Our voices are calm and clear. We avoid slang and strive to be highly articulate.

Staff is Polite at all times, to each other and to our guests.
Maintain positive body language.
Always offer to assist those around you.
Use open hand gestures when escorting someone somewhere.
Cleanliness & Condition - This is accomplished by maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in our dress code and in our workstations.

Ensure that all server-side work has been completed and Banquet hallways and storerooms are cleaned and organized.
Perform any and all duties as assigned by management.

Accident Prevention

Maintain a high level of concern for your coworkers and guest’s safety. In the kitchen and public areas, spills, broken glass, and China must be cleaned immediately.
Always wear correct polished closed-toe non-slip black shoes. NO FABRIC footwear.
Report all accidents/injuries immediately to your supervisor or manager.
Remain focused in our storage areas. Always watch what you are doing and pay close attention to those around you.

Hours: Part-Time & Full-Time
Schedule: Saturday through Friday, Hours Vary
Wage: D.O.E.
Benefits Package Offered: Yes (for Full-Time positions)