Insurance Underwriter/Broker In Training

Scottish American - Santa Barbara, CA3.0

Full-time$40,000 - $50,000 a year

Our Satellite Office in Santa Barbara is now hiring

What we’re looking for at ScotAm

Someone who is AMBITIOUS, COMPETITIVE and willing to HUSTLE. Ultimately this is a production job and you will be competing to get and keep business against lots of other producers, both external and internal.
Someone who will TAKE CHARGE and is INDEPENDENT (reasonably). We will provide training and tools, but we leave a lot of room for individuals to be responsible for themselves. We need people who want to solve problems themselves … not push everything up to “higher authorities”.
Someone who is looking for A PEOPLE JOB. You must like people and being with people. The job will require you to build relationships, foster them and maintain them with prospects, current clients and peers.
Someone who has A SENSE OF URGENCY. Ultimately your success will depend on getting work, and/or new production across the finish line. We want someone who wants things NOW.
Someone with a balanced DETAIL FOCUS. Someone who will get all the important details right, but will not let little unimportant details keep them from getting a task across the finish line.
Someone who wants a CAREER. This is an opportunity with no ceiling. We know we have to provide a good work environment, challenging opportunities, and fair pay. But, if we do, we want someone who wants to be with us LONG-TERM. The possibilities are endless.

What we’re NOT looking for (don’t contact us if you fit one of these categories):

Someone who wants a predictable 9 – 5 job; who wants to coast.
Someone who wants to be told what to do and have everything laid out for them.
Someone who is willing to put things off until tomorrow that should be finished today. Someone who lets little things be an excuse for not getting tasks across the finish line.
Someone who is just looking for a way out of a current unhappy situation, or who is just looking for a stepping stone to another job.
A wallflower who does not enjoy getting out with people.

More specific skills:

*Good communication skills
Sales and marketing skills and experience a big plus
P&C Insurance experience a big plus.*

Ideal Career Path At Scottish American

INITIALLY – AN UNDERWRITING ASSISTANT. The responsibilities include all of the daily activities of an underwriter/broker (there are a lot).
ULTIMATELY – A PRODUCER. While the starting position is an assistant, we're looking for someone who wants to get promoted here and ultimately be a PRODUCER, grow their career, grow our company and contribute to our culture. Your ultimate level of success, and the ultimate level of compensation will only be restricted by YOUR level of work and hustle.
PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. We will train you ourselves (frankly we have some of the industries' best talents in insurance). We will also encourage you to participate in structured training which will result in professional certifications and significant personal resume enhancement.
BENEFITS. We have the standard benefits you would expect of any major company. However, we also believe that your personal life is just as important as your professional life. We each take responsibility for balancing personal lives with delivering results. Within that context, we take the vacation days we want, we work where and when we want, we build our own teams AND everyone has the opportunity to become an owner.
KEY WORDS that our own employees have selected as most descriptive of core Scottish American values:
‒ Fun

‒ Fast

‒ Loyal

‒ Freedom within a Framework


Next step:

Please include a cover letter telling us a little about yourself, what you like to do for fun, how you can add to our team and culture and last but not least what your favorite animal is and why.

To find out more visit our website but please respond directly to this ad for consideration

Job Types: Full-time, Commission

Salary: $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year + bonus

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year


  • Marketing: 1 year (Preferred)