Specialist, UI Developer

Northern Trust Corp. - Chicago, IL

UI Developer

Who We Are

Digital Experience Solutions is a multidisciplinary development, design and research team dedicated to delivering innovative, differentiated and exceptional experiences to Northern Trust’s clients and employees.

Digital Experience Solutions is committed to growing and supporting a diverse team, with a collaborative environment that provides educational and career growth opportunities.

As a UI Developer, you will translate business needs and product requirements into highly functional, compelling digital experiences for Northern Trust’s client-facing applications.

What You Will Do

The UI Developer is a curious, collaborative individual who leads with empathy, takes ownership of projects and:

  • Contributes to an open culture that enables employees’ development through direct but kind feedback, promotes diverse perspectives and fosters a sense of curiosity and optimism
  • Creating reusable and configurable components through a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript via the React framework
  • Collaborates with product owners and architects in an agile environment, with a cross-functional team to understand technical needs and user requirements
  • Develops interactive reporting dashboards, data visualizations, and dynamic experiences through tight collaboration with product designers.
  • Create single-page applications using the Northern Trust Digital Architecture and Design System
Your Knowledge and Skills

As a Digital Designer, you must have experience with at least some, but not all, of the following:

  • 1-2 years of front-end/full-stack development experience, including writing semantic HTML, CSS and/or ES6 JavaScript
  • Experience working with the React framework, Redux and supporting middleware
  • UI development best practices, as demonstrated in a work portfolio showing applications and/or code samples
  • Experience with debugging and browser performance optimization
  • Experience with Test Driven Development, NPM libraries, and source control (GIT, Gitflow, Pull Requests)
  • Comfortable working with server side architects to define flow and structure of data, consumed from APIs and external data sources The following nice-to-haves represent just a few of the other experiences that may be relevant to this position:
  • Familiarity with Domain driven design concepts and event driven architecture
  • Practical understanding of accessibility standards and WCAG 2.1 compliance
  • Familiarity with SQL and No SQL Databases

Experience with Message Queues, Redis, & Kafka

  • Spring Boot or similar server-side framework (such as Express or Django)
  • Web Application Security, OWASP
  • Comfortable mentoring fellow developers
  • CSS 3 responsive design, CSS Preprocessors, CSS Animations
Interview Process After a successful phone screen, an onsite coding exercise (typically 3 hours) is required for this role. Candidates should bring their own computer with a working React boilerplate (we highly recommend using create-react-app) on which to build a working react application, preferred unit test frameworks to run unit tests.

The candidate will have 2 hours to work on a solution.

After the 2 hours, or whenever the candidate has completed the effort, they will meet with members of the development team to discuss their output. The candidate is expected to explain to the NT team their approach and key decisions made while building their solution. Specifically, the candidate will be evaluated on:

1. Their ability to write and reuse React Components

2. Their ability to write effective unit tests, preferably TDD 3. Their knowledge and use of CSS and semantic HTML