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What's next in the world of social networks?

empowr is building the world's first democratic social economy. What's that? It's taking the best of what you love about your favorite social network and making it democratic so that the control and the profits of the social network belong to the people that actually make it possible (its users).

It enables you to monetize the time you spend on the network. All users get paid in cryptocurrency, which they can exchange for their local currency (such as U.S. dollars). It could be posting photos or blogs about your passions, developing applications, selling goods and services or using your expertise to help someone else become successful. Along with integrated social and commerce systems, it includes a robust educational platform that enables the community to help itself through crowd-sourcing the expertise in the community. We think it's basically what Facebook would be if they had a chance to fix their business model.

What is empowr looking for?

Seeking a highly motivated and accomplished Technical Lead to provide technical leadership to a team of developers on multiple projects. In this role, the technical lead will manage the team performing the architecture, development and implementation of viable systems. He or she will coordinate between the development team, product team and management. The selected candidate will be expected to guide less experienced engineers by leading code reviews and taking an interest in the progression of the collective skills of their development team.

Desired experience:
Demonstrated Leadership Skills managing a small team of developers and being a mentor to the team.
Excellent communication skills
Experience with consumer-facing products or web properties preferred
Track record of putting products into production
Accustomed to agile methodologies and tools like JIRA, Confluence

Technical Requirements:
5+ years in building performant, scalable and secured web applications

The following experience is helpful:
Web Services, NETWeb Forms, C#, Amazon Web Services, MVC in IIS
GIT, BitBucket & Visual Studio.
Writing T-SQL Queries for SQL Server 2005+, SQL Tuning & SQL Profiling
Caching technologies like Memcached, Redis.
Search technologies like Elasticsearch.
JavaScript, JQuery or JQuery UI
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap UI
Knowledge of OOPS & Design Patterns
Debugging using WinDbg
Why should I join empowr?

There are several reasons you may want to join our team... Maybe you want to be a part of a team that's going to create the next leading social network? Maybe you want to help build a social economy with the potential to touch and help billions of users improve their standard of living across the globe? Maybe you want to help shape the product and company as we scale and grow? Maybe you want to work with a world-class leadership team, specialists across technology, design, program, and strategy who have unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the social networking domain? If those reasons don't make you want to join the team then this probably isn't the place for you but if those excite you and need even more incentive to join, here are a few...

Our kitchen is always full of complimentary snacks including fresh fruit and vegetables, granola/protein bars, mixed nuts, chips, cookies etc. The fridge is stocked with a variety of sodas, energy drinks, flavored waters, almond milk and more.

We provide complimentary lunch and dinner every day to all our employees. Breakfast burritos, donuts and bagels are provided on special occasions as well.

All our employees receive 5 weeks paid vacation.

Monthly team activities such as sailing, bowling, snow-boarding trips to Big Bear Mountain and our annual team trip to Catalina Island for the empowr Olympic games.

We have a dog friendly office!

Equity! We have no venture capitalists calling the shots here, so ALL the equity (ownership) goes to our employees!

BACKGROUND ON THE EMPOWR PROJECT + empowr is a collaboration between technologists and top university professors from Berkeley, Yale and M.I.T. that have been quietly developing a better democracy & economy, using technology and hindsight as to what went wrong with today's democracies + Business model: Instead of focusing on addicting users to sell eyeballs to corporations, we're uniquely enabling the "sharing of everything" ( IE: Not sharing your car or spare bedroom but millions of other underutilized products + empowr's patented inventions include virtual currency, transactions over mobile devices, 3rd-party apps in social networks and transactions within apps + The product ( is in open alpha with 800,000 users already conducting millions of dollars in transactions monthly. (Traffic = 3.9M monthly visitors | 20 average page views | 12 minutes per session)

QUICK LINKS 1) Whitepaper and business summary (PDF): 2) Concept (video): 3) Business model (video): 4) Innovations in creating & retaining demand for virtual currency (video): 5) Advisors: 6) Project history (video): 7) empowr and the biggest scam of all (blog): 8) Why empowr was built (book):

Where are you located?

Our office is located in the Little Italy area of downtown San Diego.