State Director (Pageant)

American Pageants, Inc. - New York, NY3.5


This listing is an opportunity to be your own boss and own your own company as part of a 35 year old pageant brand!

Position Description

As a State Director for American Pageants, primary focus will be on; execution of a successful state or regional event, which includes, establishing a local network with titleholders, participants, formers, and the general public, as well as, development and management of professional relationships including but not limited to; sponsors, production teams, venues, facilities, staffing, scholarship and prize opportunities, and business operations. The State Director will be responsible for producing an unbiased, fair, fun preliminary to the American Pageants' National Event held annually.

Areas of Responsibility

Manage all aspects of small business including but not limited to:

  • Business Formation
  • Accounting/Taxes
  • Contract Management
  • Hiring
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Development and Execution of Annual and Interim Budgets

Advertising and Marketing Responsibilities

  • Strategize and Collaborate on Advertising and Marketing in All Forms
  • Recruitment/Retainment of Participants

Production Responsibilities

  • Select Production Teams
  • Oversee Activities; Pageant Format, Emcee, Judges, and Auditing
  • Programs, Ticket Sales, Merchandise

Venues, Facilities, Staffing Responsibilities

  • Selection of Event Venues and Facilities
  • Contract Management
  • Organize Accommodations, Meals, Meeting and Activity Space
  • Appropriate Staffing; Paid and Volunteer

Sponsorship, Scholarship and Prize Responsibilities

  • Identifying and Developing Sponsorship Opportunities: Cash, Prizes, and In-Kind
  • Prize Package Development

Communication Responsibilities

  • First Point of Contact with Local, Regional, Ambassador, and State Titleholders
  • Provide Guidance to Titleholders Advancing to National Competition
  • Oversight of Local, Regional, Ambassador, and State Participants
  • Connection and Continuity with Formers
  • General Public; Website, Facebook, Media, Social Media, Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Appearance Responsibilities

  • Identify and Develop Appearance Opportunities
  • Manage, Cultivate, and Appreciate
  • Logistics Oversight

Charity Responsibilities

  • Identify and Align American Pageants with Charitable Organizations/Platform
  • Develop Win-Win Oriented Goals and Opportunities
  • Regional, State, and Local Focus

Additional Responsibilities

  • Development and Execution of Annual and Interim Budgets
  • Uphold Image and Integrity
  • Safety Imperative; Organization, Personnel, Titleholders, Participants, and Formers

Key Skill Dimensions

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate ideas and information in a manner that is clearly understood.

The ability to express ideas and information in writing and in good grammatical form.

The ability to be discreet with highly sensitive information.

Interpersonal Skills

The ability to interface effectively with a wide range of individuals.

The ability to work with others to accomplish a task while maintaining; trustworthy, honest, and ethical behavior, as well as, being respectful of confidentiality.

Motivational Skills

The ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

The ability to prioritize and complete projects on time.

The ability to encourage, support, and engage others.

The ability to infer what tasks need to be done with little to no instruction.

The ability to innovate improvements and find efficiencies in work processes.

Leadership Skills

The ability to establish a loyal network of staff and volunteers to support pageant initiatives.

The ability to lead and guide all candidates, parents, outgoing titleholder, and judges through a pageant event in a positive, fun way.

The ability to teach and train staff and other support personnel to assist in executing pageant event.

Organization Skills

The ability to manage multiple tasks in various stages of development simultaneously.

The ability to organize events. multiple calendars while sticking to timelines and meeting deadlines.

Pageant Knowledge

This will be acquired, if not known, through a combination of training and exposure.

Event Management Experience Preferred

Educational Requirements

Math, Reading and Writing Requirements High Frequency

Verbal Communication Requirements High Frequency

High School Degree and Some Undergraduate Study Required

Graduate Degree Optional

Employment Experience Required

Job Location


Travel to National Pageant Required

Exposure to Extended Hours


This position reports to the American Pageants’ National Office. Performance Check-Up after 6 months in position, after initial event execution, and Performance Review annually thereafter.


State Director is responsible for fees paid to the national office and the cost of doing business as a State Pageant Event. State Director is entitled to all profits created by business after all fees, contracts, prize packages and other obligations are satisfied. State Director is responsible for any and all tax liability and cost of business licenses, liability insurance, and professional business services.

Job Types: Contract, Commission


  • Event Management: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Pageantry: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Associate (Preferred)