Licensed Practical Nurses

Vitalis Healthcare Services LLC - Prince George's County, MD

ContractEstimated: $36,000 - $51,000 a year
About the Agency LPN Position
We are looking for a reliable Agency LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) to care for clients in a professional and considerate manner. You will work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician.

LPN professionals must be first and foremost qualified and compassionate. The ideal candidate will be experienced in providing different basic care needs to those who require it, while remaining patient, calm, and kind. It is a demanding job but also very rewarding.

LPN Responsibilities
Record a patient's medical history accurately

Take and record measurements of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, etc.

Observe patients under treatment to identify progress, side-effects of medications, etc.

Monitor patients' condition including fluid intake and output and compose patient charts

Assist ill patients in daily basic activities such as eating, bathing, etc.

Administer injections, prescribed medications, enemas, etc., clean and dress wounds and help with other basic medical care tasks

Collect samples for lab testing as assigned

Provide emotional and psychological support when needed

Communicate with patients' family or friends to give advice, comfort and release instructions

LPN Requirements
Proven experience as LPN or similar role

Ability to undertake a variety of diverse care tasks and work in a multidisciplinary team

Familiarity with hospital health, safety and sanitation standards and procedures

Understanding of confidentiality obligations and nursing best practices

Excellent knowledge of medical and hospital terminology

Solid knowledge of MS Office and data entry

Perfect physical condition and stamina

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Compassionate and able to handle stress

Successful completion of LPN license program is a must