Grocery Stocker

Harvest Co-op Markets - Cambridge, MA


Department: Grocery

Reports to: Grocery Manager, Store Manager and MOD.

Essential Functions

Customer Service:

Customer service is HCM’s primary focus in providing food, goods, and services to its customers. It is the goal of the staff that all customers are treated in a respectful and courteous manner, paying close attention to their individual needs. This personal care and attention should be directed to all customers to ensure that shopping at the HCM is as comfortable and satisfying an experience as possible.

  • Be open and ready to assist customers, fielding their questions, complaints, and requests
  • Resolve customer complaints in a fair and tactful manner.


  • To keep the Grocery Department fully stocked, faced and clean.
  • To assist the Grocery Manager to meet department objectives.
  • To provide customers with help finding product or an alternative item.
  • To maintain department maintenance
  • To maintain isles free of clutter to allow customer access to product


Customer Service:

  • Consistently provide courteous, helpful service to all shoppers and staff.
  • Take the time needed to get answers to their questions or lead them to someone who can help them.

Stocking and Merchandising:

  • Stock all products fully, neatly and quickly. Rotate all non-sale items. Pull all moldy, short-dated and past-date items and breads and notify supervisor.
  • Pull groceries and bulk items to be stocked. Refill bulk honey, liquids, coffee, nut butters and store supplies as needed in the absence of a bulk stocker.
  • Stock frozen items in the absence of a frozen stocker. Stock refrigerated items in the absence of a refrigerated stocker.
  • Keep out-of-stocks to an absolute minimum.
  • Clean up all spills as soon as possible. Clean bulk liquid area as needed. Post out-of-stock signs promptly.
  • Pricing: Price from shelf tags at all times. Report any missing or incorrect tags to the Information Systems Department as soon as possible.
  • Specials: Stock out all specials and keep them plentiful, especially end-caps. Stock bulk and refrigerated specials as needed. Out-of-stocks when back stock is available are unacceptable.

Department Maintenance:

  • Complete daily cleaning schedule.
  • Have any 99 items scanned through the register and dispose in a timely manner.
  • Dust or sponge-wipe shelves as needed.
  • Clean up all spills as soon as possible.
  • Keep all dumpster doors closed and locked with no trash in alley.
  • Take cardboard to recycling bin; notify manager to call for pick-up when bin is full.
  • Pick up trash and clutter as needed. Report cleaning needs to the Grocery Manager as soon as possible.
  • Attend all All-Store and Grocery Dept. meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Type: Temporary