Magenta 2 Technical Lead

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ASAP Talent Services has been engaged to help recruit & hire a Magenta 2 Technical Lead for a very well known Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing client (CPG). This role could be a Contract-to-Hire option or could be an immediate corporate full-time hire. We can help with travel expenses and/or relocation as needed.

Job Summary


Our client has been in business over 100 years! They employ an externally managed hardware environment with internal management of digital marketing and commerce solutions. To enable this strategy, they must move multiple independently designed and hosted websites deployed in the past, to a common set of development standards that are managed at an external provider. They are also in the process of upgrading and implementing new commerce sites.

Technical Lead - Web Programmer/Developer Position

Responsible for programming support for new e-commerce site designs and ongoing design changes using a Magento 2 platform with PHP and Java/or .Net technologies. This ecommerce site will be connecting with an Oracle ERP system. This person must work independently to design recommended solutions based on input from our business teams and outside agencies. This will require a working knowledge of Magento 2 and Oracle along with standard web tools and technologies, learning the enterprise-wide technical environment, and consulting with the brand sales team to prioritize efforts. After having achieved a standards-based outsourced environment, this role will include managing the conversion of creative designs into technical specifications and then design structure, programming, testing, deployment and maintenance of each corporate web site. This role will be an advocate for standards-compliant best practices at all levels of web architecture and development. This role will work closely with the brand sales team and IT leaders, on design and development concerns to ensure an effective and efficient workflow for the overall development cycle within given budgetary constraints.


Programming / Development
  • Maintain, de-bug, optimize and enhance existing code in place at existing sites
  • Participate in and contribute to the planning process for new projects and give input on specific technologies utilized to complete projects
  • Work with database administrator to design, develop, and update relational databases as they pertain to Web sites and applications
  • Track and evaluate new standards, technologies and trends in Web architecture, development, design, and delivery
  • Ensure compatibility of projects with current system and variety of web browsers, etc.
  • Implementation of Flash-based content and Video on the web

  • Education - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related
  • 3-5 years web programming/development experience; Magento 2, Oracle, Windows
  • EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Magento Certification (preferred - but not a hard requirement)
  • Must-Haves: HTML5, CSS3,, JSP, REST, SOAP, PHP, Java/J2EE
  • Experience in gathering and analyzing business requirements in order to meet strategic goals and development efforts.
  • Should have integration experience with Oracle, Salesforce and APIs in general
  • Excellent knowledge of Web platforms, technologies, protocols, and publishing tools: HTML5, Net, CSS3, XHTML, HTTP/S, SOAP, PHP, MySQL, javascript, VB, etc.
  • Experience creating and/or maintaining Open Source content management systems, preferably WordPress or similar
  • Ability to update, repair, modify and expand existing programs and CMS to include Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, user profiles, tags, etc..) and functionality
  • Experience working with the e-commerce solution Magento 2 and Oracle integration using APIs is required.
  • Must be familiar with relational-databases, integration, database caching, database optimization and MySQL queries as well as object-oriented databases
  • Understanding of object-oriented programming languages; C#
  • Experience with Flash, AJAX, Photoshop and/or Adobe FLEX is beneficial
  • Understanding session management, SEO Methodologies, login profiles, single sign-on; SAML a plus
  • Experience using various web API’s and building/parsing XML a plus
  • Experience with caching and scaling techniques
  • Ability to present ideas in business-friendly and user-friendly language
  • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  • Able to work and thrive in a fast-paced team environment and flexible to accommodate demanding project schedules