Animal Control Officer

Village of Oak Park - Oak Park, IL (30+ days ago)3.3

Class specifications are intended to present a descriptive list of the range of duties performed by employees in the class. Specifications are not intended to reflect all duties performed within the job.


To perform a variety of duties involved in enforcing Village ordinances governing the care and keeping of animals in the Village; and to impound, care for and assist with redemption of animals as appropriate.


Receives general supervision from the Public Health Director.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES - Essential and other important duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Establish schedules and methods for effectively enforcing control ordinances; plan routine patrols to search for animals at-large.
  • Patrol Village streets and roads; search for stray dogs, domestic animals and livestock.
  • Enforce Village animal control laws; explain ordinances related to the keeping and caring of animals; issue citations for violation of animal control ordinance.
  • Impound, care for, quarantine and provide consultation on euthanization of animals as appropriate; contact a veterinarian to treat injured animals.
  • Investigate reports or complaints of dogs, cats or other animals creating nuisances; take appropriate action; investigate reports of animal abuse.


  • Investigate animal bite reports, take appropriate action; complete bite reports and follow-up to ensure compliance with the local ordinance and State laws.


  • Monitor the nuisance wildlife trapping program, assist with trap rentals, pick-up nuisance wildlife and relocate and/or euthanize according to State laws.


  • Assist in the licensing of animals, process animal license applications, issue license tags.
  • Receive lost and found animal reports; assist visitors in locating missing pets.
  • Handle all payments of redemption fees and citations over the counter.
  • Administer nuisance wildlife euthanasia as required.

Other important responsibilities and duties

  • Maintain vehicle and equipment in proper working condition; clean and repair vehicle and equipment as necessary.
  • Coordinate with the Village Attorney and courts as needed; prepare requests for search warrants and summons; appear in court on applicable cases.
  • Perform general office duties; answer telephone calls; respond to inquiries and explain procedures; type letters; file rabies certificates and other documents.
  • Follow-up on delinquent or pending animal licenses; sell animal licenses to pet owners.
  • Prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports.
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.


  • Maintain paper and electronic records.


Knowledge of:

Various breeds of dogs, cats and other domestic animals.

Procedures and techniques for dealing with the public in a tactful but firm manner. Basic methods of animal collection and impoundment.

Euthanasia techniques and procedures. Basic bookkeeping principles and practices. Ability to:

Enforce animal regulations.

Learn, interpret and apply laws and regulations of the Village related to animal control. Perform a variety of animal control activities.

Prepare written reports and maintain an efficient record keeping system. Learn and utilize proper handling and muzzling techniques.

Administer animal first aid and lethal injections.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Maintain mental capacity which allows for effective interaction and communication with others.

Ability to:

Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities which may include the following:

  • Subduing resisting animals
  • Chasing fleeing animals
  • Running, walking, crouching or crawling
  • Moving deceased animals
  • Walking, standing or sitting for extended periods of time
  • Operating assigned equipment.

Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for:

  • Making observations
  • Communicating with others
  • Operating assigned equipment and vehicles.Maintain reasonable and predictable attendance.Work overtime as operations require.

Experience and Training Guidelines

Experience: Some experience in the handling of animals.

Training: Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade.

License or Certificate: Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid driver's license.


Travel around the Village; exposure to a variety of domestic and wild animals; may encounter hostile environment.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $17.61 /hour


  • experience with animals: 1 year


  • Oak Park, IL


  • Driver's License