IPS Supported Employment Specialist

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Adult Outpatient Programs provide the least restrictive level of care where adults may receive clinical interventions aimed at decreasing existing signs and symptoms. Outpatient treatment focuses on recovery, problem resolution, symptom reduction, stabilization and/or prevention of movement to a higher level of care. Treatment varies widely and depends upon the consumer’s presenting symptoms.

Supported Employment Specialists carry out the services of the IPS Supported Employment program by assisting clients to obtain and maintain employment that is consistent with their vocational goals.

Essential Functions

Engages clients and establishes trusting, collaborative relationships directed toward the goal of competitive employment in community job settings with other workers who do not necessarily have disabilities.
Assists clients in obtaining information about their benefits (e.g., SSI, Medicaid, etc.) and how they will be affected by employment in order for clients to make good decisions about employment opportunities. Refers clients to benefits counseling, as needed.
Assesses clients' vocational functioning on ongoing basis utilizing background information and work experiences. With the client's permission, provides education and support to family members. Discusses client's preference for disclosure of psychiatric status to employers.
Conducts job development and job search activities directed toward positions that are individualized to the interests and uniqueness of the people on his/her caseload, following the principles and procedures of IPS supported employment.
Conducts a minimum of six employer contacts per week. Employer contacts are designed to learn about the needs of the business, describe supports offered by the program and describe client strengths that are relevant to the position.
Provides individualized follow-along supports to assist clients in maintaining employment.
Provides education and support to employers, as agreed upon by clients that may include negotiating job accommodations and follow-along contact with the employer.
Provides outreach services as necessary to clients when they appear to disengage from the service. Uses a variety of methods to provide outreach.
Attends weekly meetings with mental health treatment team and communicates individually with team members between meetings in order to coordinate and integrate vocational services into mental health treatment.
Has face-to-face meetings with vocational rehabilitation counselors at least once a month to coordinate services for clients.
Develops an individual employment plan with the client, mental health worker, other treatment team providers and updates it quarterly. Develops job support plans with the client using input from the client, mental health workers, family members, past employment experiences and information about current job.
Spends 65% or more of scheduled works hours in the community. For example, meets client at community locations such as home, workplace, coffee shop, library, One-Stop, VR office, family home, etc. or takes client to apply for jobs, investigate local GED or colleges, etc.
Provides supported education, using principles similar to supported employment, for clients who express interest in education to advance their employment goals.
Is responsible for a minimum of 12 job starts per year and maintaining 45-50% employment on caseload.
Seeks supervision and consultation as needed
Accepts and employs suggestions for improvement
Actively works to enhance case management skills
Maintains confidential files containing required information for each supported employment client
Maintains documentation for those individuals receiving services
Provides timely documentation that meets requirements of various funding sources including Vocational Rehabilitation, Medicaid, and others
Treats consumers with care, dignity, and compassion
Respects consumer’s privacy and confidentiality
Is pleasant and cooperative with others
Assists consumers and visitors as needed
Personal values don’t inhibit ability to relate and care for others
Is sensitive to the consumer’s needs, expectations and individual differences
Is gentle and calm with consumers and families
Actively participates in Performance Improvement activities
Actively participates in AltaPointe committees as required
Completes assigned tasks in a timely manner
Follows AltaPointe policies and procedures
Attends required meetings, in-service trainings, and other workshops
Bachelor Degree in Business, Marketing, or a Mental Health Discipline with successful completion of ADMH approved Case Management Training program and ADMH approved Supported Employment Specialist training Program (after hire acceptable), and two (2) years experience working in a mental health or vocational rehabilitation field.

Experience in providing employment services and workforce requirements are preferred. Ability to work as an effective team member is essential.