I & M Technician

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Major Duties

Uses beginning-level knowledge to perform all work functions related to the installation and service of voice, video, and/or data equipment and services at customer sites.


Under close supervision performs work involving the installation and service of plant, voice, video and data communications services.

Receives work orders for the installation and service of voice, video and/or data equipment and services. References work order for information on job site and equipment required to perform task.

Drives company vehicle to work site or other locations within service area via home dispatch.

Maintains proper levels of standard working material and equipment. Inspects assigned vehicle for fuel maintenance and satisfactory operation. Fuels, cleans and washes vehicle as needed.

Manually moves equipment weighing less than 100 lbs. to and from company truck. (Equipment weighing over 100lbs. is moved by forklift). Moves equipment for as much as several hundred feet, which may include stairs.

Is certified to use ladders, gaffs and hooks, to climb utility poles or extension ladder to connect or reconnect lines using appropriate safety, climbing gear, and necessary tools to complete work assignment.

Adheres to company safety policies and practices. Attends required safety and training classes, and maintains a satisfactory safety record.

Must keep up to date with technology changes within the industry.

Perform and learn a variety of duties pertaining to installation and service of HFC and FTTH networks including, installing equipment needed for installation of services.

Install set top boxes for digital, pay per view, and switched digital video applications. Insure boxes are in two way communication and understand trouble shooting procedures.

Install wireless networking in customer premise, this includes installation of network interface cards, wireless USB adaptors and configure all IP settings. Verify proper internet connectivity.

Use beginner's knowledge to use test equipment including the DSAM meter, optical light meter, VOM, telephone test set and toners.

Measure the required, received optical levels at the end of a fiber drop where it connects to the optical network terminal as specified by the company specs. Measure and record RF levels for selected channels as specified by the company specs.

Install the UPS and apply power to the ONT.

Complete both interior and exterior customer installations. Verify that all bonding and grounding has been completed to the company and NESC standards. Installs aerial or underground cable drop to customer premise.

Perform new connects, reconnects, requested and non-pay disconnects; add outlets; upgrade or downgrade of services; install/remove set top boxes.

Install/repair any coax cabling that is required, including replacement of existing splitters and connectors.

Verify that all telephones and services including calling features that the subscriber has requested are working and within the acceptable levels as specified by the company standards.

Demonstrate to the customer the functions of the set top box, remote control and internet service. Explain phone features.

Read signal levels with appropriate installation tools; complete all steps of installation.

Completes various reports including daily time and material request and or service orders, and submits necessary paperwork to clerical personal for processing.

Acts as initial contact for members of the public with the Company and is expected to act as public spokesperson for the Company, often explaining difficult or complicated information.

May participate in rotational "call" out responsibility, accepting and responding to after-hours customer trouble report and installation requirements. May be required to work overtime based on business needs.

Reports to work on time and maintains a satisfactory attendance record.


Technical/Professional training or knowledge: Knowledge of equipment and steps related to the installation and service of voice, video, and/or data at customer sites. Must possess good organizational skills and be able to communicate clearly and effectively with co-workers and the general public. Must maintain a neat appearance in accordance with Company policy. Is required to complete Consolidated Communications ladder and pole climbing certification and recertify annually. Must have completed NCTI Installer Course within 6 months of hire date.

Work experience: Typically has 6 to 12 months of related experience.

License required: A valid drivers license and a satisfactory driving record is required.

General education or equivalent: High school diploma or equivalent, (GED).

Physical Demands: Significant time is spent standing, walking, bending, stooping, crouching, and using ladders and other related equipment. Lifting up to 100 pounds, occasionally above shoulder required. Use of computers and computer-related equipment required. This position also involves fine hand coordination. Must be able to discern dial tone and static on telephone lines. Must be able to discern hazardous materials and have depth perception to climb ladders. Must be able to discern color coded cables and fiber optics. Must be able to carry on telephone and radio conversations. Must have the ability to access, input and retrieve information from the computer. Employees cannot exceed the manufacturers weight limitation for the equipment required to perform the duties and responsibilities of this job. Must be able to climb poles without fear of heights. Must be able to access utility poles, underground vaults.

Environmental Conditions: Work is split about equally between indoors, in air-conditioned/heated areas, with exposure to low noise levels; and outdoors in conditions of possible extreme cold, heat or humidity; and in dusty, dirty conditions with inadequate lighting and cramped space. Possible exposure to hazards such as electrical shock and falls; and atmospheric conditions of fumes, dust and odors.

Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, familial status, genetics, disability, age, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.