Chief Medical Officer (part-time; non-classified)

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Department Information

**This is a Non-Classified, part-time position set at 25 hours/week.**

Make a difference-Join HCPF by improving health care access and outcomes for the people we serve while demonstrating stewardship of financial resources.

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department) offers a competitive benefits package to include the Public Employees Retirement Account (PERA), 401k/457, health/dental insurance options, 10 paid holidays, accrual of paid sick and vacation/annual time. The Department is also centrally located; offers affordable ECO passes; has a fitness center on-site; and a variety of discounts on services and products are available to state employees through the State of Colorado's Work-Life Employment Discount Program. The Department also encourages employees to take advantage of advanced education and offers reduced college tuition through CSU Global for their employees. This Department is a "Tobacco Free Workplace".

Executive Director's Office
The purpose of the Office of Executive Director is to oversee the operations and strategic direction of the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, the single state agency administering Colorado Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) program. The Office also leads the effort to craft health policy for the state, reduce costs associated with Medicaid and CHP (which currently consume 34% of the State's total budget), while improving access and outcomes for the members we serve.

Description of Job What You'll be Doing
The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) shall, with the assistance of advisory committees of the state department, provide medical judgment and advice regarding all medical and clinical issues involving programs administered by the state department.

The CMO is authorized to represent the Department to the Governor, the legislature, the press, and the public in coordination with other Department Deputies and the Executive Director. The CMO represents the department at the national and state level on task forces, to national membership associations, and is expected to be part of statewide coalitions and planning efforts directed at developing and improving public insurance programs. This position must be filled by a M.D. or D.O. The necessity of a medical doctor is based on developing plans for a public health program that must coordinate and integrate public health program services.

The Chief Medical Officer's responsibilities include providing clinical input into all Medicaid benefits, CHP+ benefits and Safety Net programs administered by the Department, or related initiatives as well as offer clinical expertise for waiver program policies, rules, federal and state requirements, rate setting and methodology, contractor oversight and monitoring, legislative proposals and legislative reporting. The CMO must oversee the activities of any areas under their jurisdiction to ensure those programs are administered in compliance with all federal and state requirements. This position is responsible for developing and presenting solutions to complex problems which typically involve a meshing of unique Medicaid law. What might seem like a logical and simple solution to a problem may not be allowed by state or federal rules, requiring this position to develop alternatives, request a waiver of law or negotiate an alternative with the federal government, or draft new policy or legislation. This position, directly and through the work of others, bridges differences of policy, opinion, and desire to find workable solutions to Colorado's most pressing health care issues.

This position works in conjunction and in coordination with the full-time, Chief Nursing Officer who also acts as a clinical lead for the Department. The CNO may guide clinical policy and ensure alignment across the Department in collaboration with the CMO and may coordinate the development, implementation, and administration of multiple clinically related programs, such as benefit design, benefit coverage polices and determinations, Department-wide operations, utilization management, waiver redesign, payment methodology, access to care issues, and special projects such as care coordination for foster care recipients.

This CMO position may serve on the Department's Executive Team, at the direction of the Executive Director. The members of the Executive Team are responsible for influencing the strategic plan and overseeing the day to day operations associated with the Medicaid and CHP health plans as well as all related Safety Net and waiver programs administered by the Department. The Executive Plan is accountable for meeting Department Goals as well as proactively responding to Macro and Micro Environmental Issues that may impact the Department and its programs, developing budget requests, responding to legislative activity and driving legislative activities when appropriate.

This position brings ideas for new programs, develops budget initiatives for new projects, and oversees a project plan for implementation of new programs. This position monitors the clinical impact of policy decisions on program services and outcomes and makes recommendations for new or revised policy impacting all public insurance programs.

The CMO must be able to conduct effective negotiations to persuade legislators, stakeholders, task forces, vendors, and internal staff that the department's plans, policy choices and operations are clinically appropriate, logical and completed in the best interest of the state. This persuasiveness is dependent on being honest and open and ready to listen to all the stakeholders in the system. Persuasiveness is enhanced when the CMO recognizes a problem or new direction exists and tells the department's leadership team that change is needed. The necessity to be a change agent requires the ability to persuade people at all levels but also entails high level, high profile public speaking and involvement.

This position will be intimately involved in the planning for and implementation of new coverage programs for the uninsured and implementation of health care reform in Colorado.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience:
  • Degree of Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy and licensed to practice medicine in the state of Colorado.
  • Minimum of seven years of postgraduate experience in primary care.
  • Minimum five years of experience in an administrative capacity in a health care organization.
  • Participation in a clinical and health industry association.

This experience MUST be clearly explained in your employment history of the online application.

Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience developing or providing valued, clinical input into the overall vision and strategic plan, at an executive leadership level, for an organization or a division.
  • Experience identifying and interpreting data and information relative to market trends as well as program impact against objectives.
  • Experience serving medically underserved populations.
  • Experience creating and editing clinical guidelines and providing clinical recommendations to care management firms, cost management firms, insurance carriers, primary care medical homes, accountable care organizations.
  • Medicaid or Medicare plans, or related health plans.
  • Experience working as a Board Member, Commission Member or otherwise empowered position to drive clinical guidelines or health related recommendations to the betterment of the community.
  • Experience demonstrating effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders and executives to help achieve the strategic goals of an organization.
  • Experience evaluating evidence-based studies including review of the quality of the evidence. This includes assessing comparative evidence on items such as medical devices, durable medical equipment, medications, and/or other treatments.
  • Experience evaluating new or modified codes such as the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS).
Highly Desirable Competencies
  • Demonstrated success working in a managed care environment including experience in health maintenance and preventive care; anticipatory guidance and health education; acute and chronic illness care; coordination of medications, specialists, and therapies, and provider participation in hospital care.
  • Exceptional integrity, ethics and transparency.
  • Knowledge of Colorado State health policy and evolution of federal law impacting low income populations, including Title XIX (Medicaid), Title XXI (CHIP), Title XVIII (Medicare), national health reform and Tribes within Colorado.
  • Experience in health equity, addressing systemic health disparities and collaborating with diverse, vulnerable and underrepresented populations with a commitment to cultural competency that enables effective outcomes and working relationships in cross-cultural situations.
  • Ability to respond to questions from the media, speak at public gatherings, and represent the Department and state government as directed by the Governor.
  • Ability to participate in statewide planning efforts to improve the costs and quality of healthcare services to Coloradoans and determine what policies, programs, and budgets are needed to achieve department goals.

DEFINITION OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Work that involves exercising discretion, analytical skill, judgment, and personal accountability, and responsibility for creating, developing, integrating, applying, and sharing an organized body of knowledge that characteristically is uniquely acquired through an intense education or training regimen at a recognized college or university; equivalent to the curriculum requirements for a bachelor's or higher degree with major study in or pertinent to the specialized field; and continuously studied to explore, extend, and use additional discoveries, interpretations, and application and to improve data, materials, equipment, applications and methods.

Conditions of Employment
  • All positions at HCPF are security sensitive positions and require individuals undergo a criminal record background check as a condition of employment.
  • CO Driver's License
  • Statewide travel is a regular part of this position and occasional national travel.
  • Employees who have been disciplinarily terminated, resigned in lieu of disciplinary termination, or negotiated their termination from the State of Colorado must disclose this information on the application.

Appeal Rights
If you receive notice that you have been eliminated from consideration for the position, you may protest the action by filing an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the date you receive notice of the elimination.

Also, if you wish to challenge the selection and comparative analysis process, you may file an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the receipt of notice or knowledge of the action you are challenging.

Refer to Chapters 4 and 8 of the State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures, 4 CCR 801, for more information about the appeals process. The State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures are available at

A standard appeal form is available at: If you appeal, your appeal must be submitted in writing on the official appeal form, signed by you or your representative, and received at the following address within 10 days of your receipt of notice or knowledge of the action: Colorado State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director, Attn: Appeals Processing, 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80203. Fax: 303-866-5038. Phone: 303-866-3300. The ten-day deadline and these appeal procedures also apply to all charges of discrimination.

Supplemental Information How to Apply (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

Applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter with their application. Please note that ONLY your State of Colorado job application will be reviewed during the initial screening; if you submit a resume and cover letter, they will be reviewed in later stages of the selection process. Therefore, it is paramount that you clearly describe all of your relevant experience on the application itself. Applications left blank or marked "SEE RESUME" will not be considered.

Your application will be reviewed against the minimum qualifications for the position. If your application demonstrates that you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be invited to the comparative analysis process, which is described below.

Comparative Analysis Process

The comparative analysis process will consist primarily of a review of applications against the minimum and preferred qualifications of this position. Applications will be reviewed in comparison to all others in the applicant pool in order to identify a top group of candidates who may be invited for a final interview. Depending on the size of the applicant pool, additional selection processes may be utilized to identify a top group of candidates. Applicants will be notified of their status via email.

Failure to submit properly completed documents by the closing date or when the required number of applications have been received, as specified in this announcement, will result in your application being rejected.


Technical Help
If you experience difficulty in uploading or attaching documents to your online application, call NEOGOV technical support at 877-204-4442 anytime between 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).