Verbatim Hearing Reporter (Court Reporter)

ACE Reporting US - Reno, NV

Part-timeEstimated: $49,000 - $69,000 a year
Position: Verbatim Hearing Reporter (VHR) - No Experience Required
Location: Reno, NV
Experience: No Prior Required
Pay: $20/per hearing
Status: Open | Hiring Part-time
ACE Reporting-US is nationwide court reporting firm that holds multiple Government contracts. (

ACE is currently hiring for the position “verbatim hearing reporter”, an official federal contracting position.
No previous experience in this field is required to apply for this job.
Must be able to pass a background check in order to be considered.
Some college is preferred, but not mandatory, in any field. Flexible hours offered.


ACE Reporting-US is currently servicing the United States Government by providing contracted Court Reporters (VHRs) for the Social Security Administration. The world of Government contracting is a phenomenal career opportunity and offers flexible working hours.

Below, we will briefly cover some of the job expectations, job description, insight on how the process works, what to expect, and more! If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact ACE Reporting’s corporate office. We have government-cleared staff managers that are available to answer any of your questions and assist you through this process.

ACE is looking for applicants that meet the following profile:
Reliable, professional hearing reporters to provide services for this contract. (On-site individual training will be provided.)
Professional dress, computer savvy and attention to detail are paramount.
Being well-organized and able to get along with federal judges, attorneys and office staff is required.
ACE Reporting US - Government Contractor Position, Pay and Process

The job duty of our reporters is to digitally record the proceedings and take log notes of each hearing. No transcription is required to be done. Each hearing lasts approximately 60 minutes, and if the hearings get done earlier, the reporter is free to leave.

There will be, on average, 5 hearings per day/3-5 days per week.

If hearings fall out, get continued, canceled, or postponed, if it is within 24 hours, the reporter is compensated a cancellation fee of $5/hearing. We will be paying our reporters $20 for all completed hearings depending on the wage determination from the Department of Labor for each specific state.

Government Contractor Background Check and Clearance

Each of our Hearing Reporters is required to complete a background check, including fingerprints for a suitability determination by the Social Security Administration (SSA.) Once this process is complete, the reporter will be issued a PIV Government clearance card.

This background check process can take 30-45 days. Those with current or previous military or government clearances can finish the process in as little as 2 weeks.

The Government provides the computer and technicians on site in case there are any issues. It is a regular courtroom setting with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) presiding. Our reporters are not responsible for handling or marking exhibits.

Our Reporter’s only job is to show up at the venue, log into the computer with their PIV cards (clearance cards), and monitor the recording of the hearings, along with taking the required notes on the computer.

Training is completed on-site by each individual office, and each reporter will be required to sign documents of security awareness and confidentiality. This is necessary since our reporters will have access to private personal information including social security numbers.

Locations :
ACE currently maintains 30 Government contracts across 15 states, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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