Executive Administrative Assistant

Evermore Community Improvement District - Snellville, GA

30+ days agoFull-time

The Evermore Community Improvement District (CID) is a self-taxing association of commercial property owners located along US Highway 78 from the DeKalb County line to the City of Snellville. The mission of the CID is to establish a vibrant, upscale destination area; improve business development opportunities; and enhance property values by developing and promoting coordinated transportation and community character improvements to benefit property owners, business owners, and residents along the Highway 78 corridor. The Evermore CID employs two full-time staff, an Executive Director and Executive Assistant, as well as, an Accounting Consultant that work closely with numerous governmental agencies, corporations and citizens to accomplish our goals.

The following describes the primary duties and responsibilities of the CID Executive Assistant. This position reports directly to the Executive Director and is an executive support role requiring a high degree of self-motivation, coordination, organization and professionalism. This position is a salaried position classified as “exempt” in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and is not eligible for the payment of overtime. May be a full or part time position depending on the applicant. Salary is negotiable based on qualifications and experience.


The preferred candidate will possess the following qualifications:

  • Minimum two-year degree in a business related field or four years of Executive Assistant experience; bachelor degree preferred.
  • Proficient computer skills – Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and Quickbooks are required.
  • Excellent communications skills – written, oral, public speaking, presentations and social media
  • Strong organizational skills, self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Prior experience in business development or governmental support a plus
  • Some travel required; primarily local for meetings or events
  • Occasional weekend or evening hours required; primarily for meetings and events
  • Ability to obtain Notary Public or currently a Notary

Please provide 3 employment references and 1 personal reference when applying

**Qualified Candidates need to be confident that below Administrative Duties can be met**


How to open the office

  • Grab the newspaper – leave paper on the conference table
  • Open the front door and turn off the alarm.
  • Turn on the coffee – be sure set it up the night before
  • Turn on the computer
  • Turn on email
  • Check email for daily tasks
  • Check voice mail

Ordering Supplies

  • Decide which vendor you are going to use: Office Depot, Industrial Packaging, etc.
  • Order necessary supplies. For Office Depot, use online ordering to secure the Business Class pricing
  • For Industrial Packaging, you must use the debit card
  • Save all receipts and packing slips
  • Be sure that the CID pays no sales tax. Provide tax exempt form for verification when ordering.
  • When toner for the copier is low or the machine needs service, call Duplicating Products.
  • Refresh common supplies like coffee, sodas, water and paper cups & towels from Wal Mart

Annual Report & Marketing

  • Develop content through the course of the quarterly period. Consult with Executive Director for all content and related ideas. This includes coordinating with the Accountant to provide yearly financial information which is included in the Annual Report.
  • Contact Jeff Corbin at the beginning of each quarter to discuss elements, publishing dates, need for photography, etc.
  • Contact Brad Mohler with Olympic Printing to provide notice, when publication is in FINAL DRAFT. Send Brad final file for printing when available.
  • Prepare the mailing list for the mail house. Correspond with Brad on any changes to the list and the dollar figure for postage.
  • Coordinate with Phil Meek on publication of the Low Resolution copy of the Annual report or newsletter on the Evermore website. The digital file will be furnished by Jeff Corbin.

Cleaning & General Maintenance

  • Merry Maids comes 2 times a month to clean the office, usually on Monday. They come between 8am-12pm, when scheduled. They are to clean all areas including the restrooms, and vacuum, dust, empty trash and clean glass.
  • Contact Snellville Heating & Air with any HVAC related issues


In order to stay compliant with Georgia Sunshine Laws, it is necessary to send the Meeting Notice/Agenda to the legal organ (Gwinnett Daily Post) one week in advance of such meeting, as well as on the door of the actual meeting location. Additionally, the yearly meeting calendar must be posted at all times in a conspicuous place in the CID office and on the website calendar.

One week before each Monthly Board Meeting these items need to be complete:

  • Provide notice to Gwinnett Daily Post of the Meeting Notice/Agenda for the current month via fax.
  • Post same notice in front window of CID, or other location where the meeting is to be held
  • Prepare Constant Contact Communication of the above Meeting Notice/Agenda to the 3 lists – Business Owners, Evermore CID Newsletters, and Evermore CID News releases
  • Create electronic package of the Board Book and mail electronically to the CID Board of Directors with a copy to Lynn Rainey and Lois Love
  • Copy all documents for the meeting and place in each Board member’s Board Book for their use during the meeting. This includes the agenda, previous month’s minutes and financial information, as well as any action or discussion items and the Executive Director’s report.

Maintain the Constant Contact databases of email contacts. Add or delete any names or email addresses as necessary.

Manage the process of preparing and implementing mass mailings. Anticipate needs – postage, supplies, etc. and coordinate any return correspondence.

Check and update social media accounts as necessary. This includes, Twitter, Facebook and Constant Contact.

Check Gwinnett County Building Permits, Board of Commissioner Agendas, and Atlanta Regional Commission for current information pertaining to the CID.

Coordinate the preparation, production and distribution of the CID’s newsletter. Prepare articles for the newsletter at the direction of the Executive Director. Develop, coordinate, prepare, produce and distribute other CID marketing and communication materials as needed and/or directed by the Executive Director. Develop timely and frequent press releases, media placements, news stories, and social media communications.

Attend various events as a representative of the CID and prepare, set-up and break-down of CID displays.

Coordinate all Economic Development media with Partnership Gwinnett for their publications and announcements, as they relate to the CID.

Participate in all advocacy efforts of the CID.

Maintain and update the CID website. Log into the website interface for editing. Update the website with newsletters, Executive Director’s Reports, minutes and press releases, projects, etc. Contact Phil Meek with any issues or problems that may arise.

Report any and all activities and issues of importance to the Executive Director.

Office Management

Provide direct supervision to any permanent or temporary worker to include interns, support staff, technical staff, contract labor, or consultants at the discretion of the Executive Director

Review all contracts for materials or service to ensure accuracy in content or form. This may also require developing new sources for goods or services. All contracts are to also be reviewed by the Executive Director, and legal counsel.

Maintain all policies and procedures manuals. Maintain all originals of any updates to policies and procedures and file copies in the appropriate binder and Public computer drive.

Maintain By Laws of the organization. Maintain all originals of any updates to the By Laws and file copies in the appropriate binder and Public computer drive.

Act as “Keeper of the Records” for all other CID Documentation. Maintain both electronic and paper files, and update as appropriate. Ensure timely and accurate coordination with all individuals and organizations as specified in all contracts, grant agreements and cooperative agreements.

Provide CID documents for public review upon request and in compliance with Georgia Sunshine Laws.

Order and maintain all office supplies, furniture, equipment, technology and reference materials for the CID. Make certain all purchases are in accordance with CID expenditure policies.

Prepare offices for all guests, visitors, and meetings.

Prepare and mail correspondence to all Property Owners, Business Owners, and other CID contacts at the direction of the Executive Director.

Ensure all technology is on line and in working order. Ensure all electronic files are regularly backed up, and maintained in the CID Office. Coordinate with technology consultant on issues that require technical support, changes or updates.

Maintain all copiers and printers to include ordering toner, paper or scheduling routine maintenance.

Collect mail from CID mailbox. Prepare and mail all bills and correspondence.

Answer phones, and handle all incoming correspondence.

Retrieve all voice mail calls, and coordinate messaging as appropriate.

File, fax, copy and maintain CID filing system for projects, invoices and financial information.

Financial Management and Accounts Payable Duties (detailed job description)

Receive and date stamp all bills and invoices as received. Ensure all invoices and bills are correct, and refer any issues back to the originator for resolution. Code each invoice with appropriate Chart of Accounts code.

Following review, place in file for entry into Quickbooks. Bills are entered and paid on the 1st & 15th of each month. Once the bill is entered into Quickbooks, print the Unpaid Bills Detail report and provide along with invoice copies to the Executive Director. Once approved, print checks from Quickbooks and coordinate with Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer for signatures. Checks over $5,000.00 require two signatures. Mail payments once complete.

Act as primary contact and coordinator for yearly audit. This will include providing the audit firm with necessary documentation and electronic files to prepare the yearly audit. Once complete send a copy of the audit to the Atlanta Regional Commission (for LCI grants) and to Gwinnett County for compliance with cooperative agreements.

Executive Director Support

Provide staff support to the Executive Director including communications, clerical, coordination, scheduling, liaison, and representation.

Act as a central point of contact to the CID & Executive Director to ensure timely, accurate and complete preparation for meetings, projects, programs and correspondence.

Communicate regularly with the Executive Director on all issues of importance providing any research necessary for appropriate decision making.

Assist with travel and scheduling to include meetings, functions, out of town travel, and presentations.

Perform all other duties in support and at the direction of the Executive Director and Board.

Programs & Projects

Highway Landscape & Infrastructure Maintenance

Serve as the primary point of contact for CID Landscape Maintenance Program and quarterly, street sweeping services.

Assist in regularly surveying the corridor for landscape maintenance issues. Coordinate with contractor to correct any deficiencies. Gather and store weekly reports supplied by the contractor.

Coordinate with Gwinnett County DOT, State DOT and others to report any issues or infrastructure problems as necessary.

Prepare and order any hardware or supplies needed for landscape and infrastructure maintenance. This may include: Pole banners, signage, replacement benches or trashcans. Coordinate with applicable contractor if necessary.

Security Program – if applicable

Serve as the primary point of contact for CID Security Program.

Coordinate any schedule changes.

Obtain patrol reports each night, and review for accuracy. Report any issues to the contractor and the Executive Director. File reports in appropriate binder.

Report any security needs to the contractor.

Receive quarterly RMS Incident reports from Gwinnett County. Track progress/changes in reported incidents.

Code Compliance

Serve as the primary point of contact for Code Compliance issues.

Receive complaints and take appropriate action as determined by CID policy and/or the Executive Director.

Project Management

Serve as primary point of contact and project coordinator for various CID programs and projects as assigned by the Executive Director. Such projects may include landscape design and installation, transportation oriented projects, grant and application writing, policy development, etc.

Coordinate Requests for Proposals for various services to include Landscaping and Security Programs. Coordinate dates for publication, addendums and due dates. Publish each to the CID website and State procurement database. Coordinate and receive all RFPs in accordance with stated policies and procedures. Relay winning bidder information to participants and maintain all information in files for each project by year.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

CID Recording Secretary

Prepare and record minutes of all CID Board meetings. Use voice recorder as back up.

Coordinate draft minutes with legal counsel for approval before the next regular Board Meeting. This must be completed within 24 hours of a board meeting.

Produce and distribute minutes in monthly Board of Directors packages.

Following approval of the minutes by the Board, maintain document(s) in monthly Board files, as well as an electronic copy on the CID public drive.

Post approved minutes and Executive Director’s report to the CID website

Prepare and post CID meeting notices and agenda pursuant to the Georgia Open Meetings Act. Distribute meeting agenda and related documents to Board members both in electronically and in print.

Board Elections Registrar

Coordinate with Gwinnett County Tax Assessors office in February of each year to obtain current list of CID property owners.

Filter the list to determine which commercial properties pay CID tax.

Coordinate with legal counsel to obtain current year election ad to be placed in Gwinnett Daily Post. This ad must run each week in the legal section of the paper for 4 weeks in advance of any election.

Clip each week’s legal ad and save in the current year election file. Provide a copy of the ad to legal counsel.

Coordinate with legal counsel to receive Voters Certificate, and ballots for use in the current election.

Coordinate with any property owners to ensure they are the appropriate elector designee for the current election. Provide the Elector Designation Certificate for those who have obtained new proxies or parcels.

Prepare voters certificates and ballots. Make copies of each ballot for Board Members and save in the appropriate binder for each Board member.

On election day, distribute Voters Certificates, and ballots. Sign each Voters Certificate when completed by the voter.

On election day, coordinate with legal counsel to collect, confirm and count ballots in an equity election.

After the election, collect and retain all materials. This file must be physically stored, and cannot be destroyed for 7 years.

Update internal documents with Board Member information.

Accounts Payable

Receive and date stamp all bills and invoices as received. Ensure all invoices and bills are correct, and refer any issues back to the originator for resolution. Code each invoice with appropriate Chart of Accounts code as budgeted or as instructed. Consult with Accountant as necessary for proper account code classification.

Enter bills into Quickbooks weekly and process check on the 1st & 15th of each month. Print the Unpaid Bills Detail report and provide along with invoices to the Executive Director for approval. Once approved, print checks from Quickbooks and coordinate with Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer for signatures. Mail payments once complete. Maintain all Accounts Payable files.

Scan payables into CID Public Drive by company name and year.

Obtain bank statements electronically and USPS and submit to the Accountant for reconciliation.

Retrieve weekly Tax Collections Spreadsheet from Gwinnett County sent via email. Save electronically in County Tax Disbursement file, and file hard copy in work room.


Complete payroll forms and submit bi-weekly to Corporate Payroll via fax. Receive each payroll package and distribute envelopes to employees.

Coordinate monthly payroll correspondence and changes with Accountant and Corporate Payroll Service, after review and approval by Director. Review payroll reports, as submitted by Corporate Payroll Service, for accuracy of submitted information for processing.

Enter payroll data bi-monthly in Quickbooks from the payroll reports as instructed. Coordinate payroll reports with Accountant and consult with Accountant as needed. Scan payroll reports and quarterly tax reports into CID Public Drive. Maintain yearly payroll files.

Journal Entries

Prepare monthly reoccurring journal entries as previously established and instructed by the Accounting Consultant. Consult with Accountant on non-routine (new or revised) journal entries as required. Examples of reoccurring journal entries are : Property Tax receipts, debt payment entries using prepared amortization schedule, and other entries as previously established by Accountant to properly report to the Executive Director and Board.

Financial Reporting

Run Quickbooks financial statements and monitor formatting for consistent reporting monthly or as needed. Perform the first review of the financial reports for obvious discrepancies. Coordinate final review by the Treasurer and Accounting Consultant.

Document Preparation to Accountant

After all journal, debit card, payroll, and tax entries are updated for the month in Quickbooks, provide all files and documentation to Accountant so they may prepare the monthly reconciliations.

Audit Preparation and Assistance

Assist Accounting Consultant in preparation of pre-audit documents, bank reconciliations, other balance sheet reconciliations, accruals and adjusting journal entries.

Act as primary contact and coordinator for yearly audit. This will include providing the audit form with requested documentation and electronic files to prepare the yearly audit. Once audit is complete, send a copy of the audit to the Atlanta Regional Commission (for LCI grants) and to Gwinnett County for compliance with cooperative agreements.

Investment, Cash Flow and Other

Consult and assist Treasurer and Accounting Consultant with review of cash flow requirements as needed for investments, operating minimum cash requirement or reserve, and timing of necessary transfers. Make transfers between bank accounts and enter transactions in QuickBooks as instructed.

Consult and assist Treasurer with submittal and review of investment bids and coordinate recommendation from Treasurer and Accounting Consultant. Assis Accounting Consultant in the preparation of the proposed budget documents.

Assist Accounting Consultant in the preparation of financial updates and/or presentations. Assist with any special requests requiring current financial information.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $17.50 /hour


  • Executive Assistant: 4 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)