Maintenance/HVAC (Field Technician III)

Service Technologies Midwest, LLC - Overland Park, KS (30+ days ago)

Apartment Maintenance/HVAC (Field Technician Level 3)

Position Summary:
Nexus 5 Group, LLC is currently seeking a Field Technician Level 3 (Apartment Maintenance/HVAC) to assist us in being "the single call solution" for apartment building maintenance needs, utilizing our unmatched communication and SERVICE. The individual we are seeking will have strong HVAC experience to serve our multifamily and commercial clients.

Accountabilities are:
  • Participating in building a team of highly-capable and motivated Field Technicians (FTs) and helping to create a positive environment in which to work and provide a great service
  • Maintaining a high level of professionalism and appearance on the job and projecting this professionalism to all team members, owners, vendors, residents and subcontractors
  • Building relationships that will support fulfilling current clients’ needs and requests and maximize our potential with new clients in the future
  • Encouraging other FTs to accomplish reachable, but challenging, goals
  • Creating a safe work environment, demonstrating that safety is a top priority and completing safety training courses
  • Receiving and implementing continued training in the areas needed to advance in level
  • Maintaining/cleaning equipment and fleet to a high professional/safety standard
  • Creating and maintaining good working relationships with Nexus 5 Group leaders and team members.Building relationships with our clients and assuring them that the project will be done to their satisfaction
  • Exhibiting good field work practices to help Nexus 5 gain additional clients
  • Keeping the fleet vehicle inventory stocked and updated in the system
  • Using technical expertise and project supervision to mentor other Field Technicians
  • Supervising complex or major projects or multiple projects at several locations (superintendent-like duties) to ensure that the project is completed according to specifications and safety guidelines
  • Preparing for each project after receiving a job-start-up briefing to clearly understand scope and budget - hours and cost of materials allotted to project
  • Coordinating deliveries of materials as needed
  • Following up with contractors in other trades to get the work done as needed
  • Completing timely tracking reports to the Project Manager (PM) and/or importing data into the tracking system, such as KnowledgeNet, and notifying of any potential issues or barriers
  • Entering all receipts into Tech Tools as they happen
  • Executing a variety of service work orders, which may include significant complexity and requires HVAC expertise/certification and/or mastery level expertise in one or more disciplines.
Flat rate protocol and presentation
HVAC repair or installation projects requiring EPA certification
Major plumbing projects
Major electrical projects
Appliances repair
Carpentry and painting

  • Working independently without the need for constant supervision
  • Using technical expertise to mentor other Field Technicians
  • Documenting work orders completely on the mobile device using the Tech Tools protocol
  • Reporting to the Project Coordinator (PC) anything that needs to be done in addition to the task dispatched
  • Checking in with the Property Manager after arrival to:
Compare the work order with their copy
Review the description of the task
Flat Rate presentation if required
Offer an estimated time of completion, if known
Get any keys that are needed

  • Beginning to work as quickly as possible on the task
  • Getting needed parts for the task and utilizing fleet inventory as much as possible, limiting the trips to the supply house
  • Being cordial and respectful of the privacy of the residents and keeping conversations with residents to a minimum
  • Notifying residents who make extra work requests that they must notify their Property Manager so a work order request may be made and work can be scheduled
  • Completing the work order and cleaning up
  • Inputting data into Tech Tool (If required) before approaching the Property Manager
  • Reporting completion of the task to the Property Manager; having them sign the work order on Tech Tool (If required) confirming they are satisfied with the work completed; and asking if there is anything else we can do for them
  • Reporting additional task requests from Property Managers to the PC and gaining prior approval through a new work order
  • Recording the work order number on all receipts
  • Turning in all receipts weekly to the Nexus 5 Accountant during the weekly Nexus 5 meeting.
Basic qualifications include:
  • Highschool diploma
  • Two years of experience in one or several of the following scopes:
Trim work
Deck repair/ building
Drywall hanging
Drywall finishing
Interior Painting
Exterior Painting

  • Ability to travel extensively to local jobsites
  • Ability to transport ones self from worksite to worksite (if driving own vehicle must have a valid driver’s license, and valid insurance).
  • HVAC EPA Certification
Preferred qualifications include:
  • Five years of experience in one or several of the following scopes:
Trim work
Deck repair/ building
Drywall hanging
Drywall finishing
Interior Painting
Exterior Painting

  • OSHA Ten Hour Certification
  • Proven experience tracking own work time
  • Proven experience leading project work and fulfilling foreman duties.