Early Intervention Specialist - Baltimore City

Y of Central Maryland - Baltimore, MD3.4

This position serves as Early Intervention Specialist for the Head Start program. This position is chiefly responsible for the following core functions and performs other tasks as needed:

Overall management of all Disability & Mental Health services to all children with disabilities and children with demonstrated behavioral needs, as well as, their families. Overall management and coordination of all Part B & C and LEA services for children with pending and diagnosed disabilities.
Parent Engagement: Development of family goals related to child’s IEP and/or behavioral need.
Community Partnerships: Ongoing management and coordination of mental health services with University of Maryland Center for Infant Studies.
Recordkeeping & Reporting: COPA, PIR
Supervision: Supervise/monitor services provided by Mental Health Clinicians, Mental Health Interns and Special Education Consultant. Participate in interviewing mental health clinicians and making hiring/termination recommendations to the Executive Director and University of Maryland Center of Infant Studies (when needed). Participate in interviewing Special Education Consultants and making hiring/termination recommendations to the Executive Director.

Service to Children

Coordinates the recruitment of children with disabilities into the program with other staff and Part C community agencies and LEA. Works closely with the Early Intervention Program and other community programs to recruit and enroll eligible children into Head Start.
Establishes a referral process for any suspected disability/mental health concerns, including a tracking system for follow-up.
Ensures that individualized services are effectively provided to a child with diagnosed or suspected disabilities and/or mental health concern.
Establishes policies and procedures for implementation of the Head Start Disabilities/Mental Health component into the program with parents and staff.
Modifies activities, removes barriers, and provided support as needed for inclusion of children with disabilities/mental health concerns in the full range of program activities.
Provides staff with the information, guidance, and resources needed to help children and families meet the individualized goals and objectives in IDEA and ADA.
Upon parental approval; ensures attendance of a Head Start staff member at the CDT/IEP/IFSP process.
Works closely together with appropriate staff in the assessment process and follow up to assure that the special needs of each child are met, including health, nutrition, mental health, and education.
Works with management, staff ing, planning and budgeting of funds to assure that the special needs identified in the IEP/IFSP are fully met; that children most in need of an integrated placement and of special assistance are served, and that the program maintains the level of fiscal support to children with special needs consistent with the Congressional mandate to meet their needs.
Assist Family Advocates in compiling current resources information related to disabilities/mental health services.
Complete annual service plan for area of responsibility, administer and implement system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of activities.
Parent Involvement

Provides parents with information and assistance in understanding and advocating for services and support needed to address their child’s special needs.
Provides “Transitional” services to Head Start families in cooperation with other agencies/providers, including providing referrals of parents and children to other agencies/providers as needed.
Work with Center Managers and Family Advocates to ensure goal development, related to child’s disability and child’s behavioral need, are developed by families.
Community Partnerships

Ensures the timely assessment of special education and/or related services needs of children with disabilities in coordination with the Part C agency and/or LEA.
Develops and implements a strategy which supports a successful transition for children with disabilities/mental health concerns or other special needs into the Head Start Program or from Head Start into kindergarten or another community program.
Assists in locating, setting up, and accessing contract services on community resources for children with special needs. Initiates community partnership agreements.
Works with the Director of Family Engagement & Health Services to ensure information on community resources for children with special needs is present in the Family Resource Guide distributed to all families.
Management and coordinate mental health services provided by University of Maryland Center of Infant Studies – Mental Health Clinicians.
Service Coordination and Record Keeping

Coordinates with leadership team and other center staff to promote parent involvement in the program as a classroom visitor, volunteer, employee, and/or participate in family events.
Tracks disabilities and transition efforts and outcomes on individual and center-wide basis, analyzes data and makes program development recommendations to leadership team.
Ensure compliance with Head Start program standards for children with disabilities/mental health, health, and transition.
Monitors budget for Disabilities/Mental Health area
Records, monitors and follows up on referrals for support services for reporting requirements. Uses ChildPlus software to track all case information.
Submits reports as needed and requested, such as monthly summary tracking reports, etc.
Understands, generates and documents in-kind and other available costs applied toward the non-federal share requirements.
Attends parent committee and other meetings as requested.
Maintain filing, tracking and documentation systems for the disabilities/mental health service area and ensure confidentiality of child and family records.

Participate in staff meetings, conferences, training sessions and workshops as assigned.
Maintain confidentiality in regards to staff and family information.
Fulfill role as mandated reporter as stated in Child Abuse and Neglect Policy.
Perform any other work-related duties as requested by your supervisor.
Be present at work in order to provide consistency of services.
Be a contributory team member in a positive/productive manner.
Demonstrate commitment to mission, values, and policies in the performance of daily duties.

Required Skills
Basic computer literacy in email, word processing and internet navigation.

Required Experience
BS in Early Intervention, Special Education, Child Development
MSW, MA in Early Intervention, Special Education related are preferred
Must have experience in securing and individualizing need services for children with disabilities/mental health concerns
Current driver’s license.
Maintain certification in CPR and First Aid.