Solid Waste Equipment Operator

City of Atlanta, GA - Atlanta, GA (30+ days ago)3.8

Starting Salary: $14.03/hourly


This position is responsible for performing manual work functions associated with operating environmental equipment in the Bureau of Solid Waste Services. Duties and responsibilities include operating conventional rear loader garbage trucks and open-body dump trucks; emptying disposal containers; performing vehicle maintenance duties and maintaining records.


This position acts as first line supervisor to Environmental Service Workers assigned to truck.

Operates environmental equipment such as a conventional rear loader garbage truck and open-body dump truck to remove refuse from residential units and from special events.
Performs manual work functions and utilizes various tools including pitchfork, rake, shovel and broom to empty receptacles and pick up yard trimming, bulk rubbish and spillage.
Performs vehicle inspections and basic maintenance activities; keeps the interior and exterior of assigned equipment clean.
Obtains the necessary tools to perform specific tasks so that work can be performed both efficiently and in a timely manner.
Communicates with supervisors to inform them of progress made on work assignments.
Reports any mechanical problems associated with vehicle.
Reports problems or emergency situations.
Responds to routine requests for information from officials, employees, the public or other city agencies.
Uses a two-way radio to communicate with supervisor and to receive instructions.
Maintains high standards of accuracy in exercising duties and responsibilities.
Exercises immediate remedial action to correct any quality deficiencies that occur in areas of responsibility.
Operates a conventional rear loader garbage truck; may operate an open-body dump truck, tandem dump truck, MAD VAC, and mini-truck.
Provides maintenance to equipment to prevent equipment damage.
Fuels and dumps vehicle daily at the end of the work shift.

Primary Equipment Operated By This Position:
Conventional Rear Loader Garbage Truck.
Open-Body Dump Truck

Record Keeping and Documentation:
Receives various forms, work orders, reports, and other documents; completes, processes, and forwards as appropriate.
Completes vehicle maintenance reports to document mileage, fuel, etc.
Prepares/generates maintenance records, logs, or other documentation; as it relates to shopping equipment, keeping log on large piles and bulk items.

High School Diploma or GED required;

one year of experience in the operation of medium-sized trucks or equipment such as garbage trucks required; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities for this job.

Must possess a valid Georgia Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with Class B endorsement.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors and other staff members. Ability to use judgment in routine and non-routine situations. Ability to comprehend and apply regulations and procedures of the department. Ability to work under a minimum degree of stress related to duties that require constant attention to detail and tight deadlines. Ability to follow specific oral and written instructions. Ability to perform strenuous work and withstand exposure to varied climatic conditions. Ability to operate large trucks and drive safely as evidenced by an absence of excessive numbers of traffic violations or accidents. Ability to pass a performance test on the required equipment and supervise a small crew of collectors; etc.

The City of Atlanta is an Equal Opportunity Employer.