Mechanical Engineer (Possible Internship)

American International Tooling - Minden, NV


Accepting resumes to add an Engineer to our ranks down the road, Junior or Senior level college students are welcome to apply.

  • Selects correct design concepts and fundamental technology used for new products or improvement for existing ones.
  • Reviews and analyzes proposals submitted to determine if benefits derived and possible applications justify expenditures.
  • Approves and submits proposals considered feasible to management for consideration and allocation of funds or allocates funds from the department budget.
  • Develops and implements methods and procedures for monitoring projects such as preparation of records of expenditures and research findings, progress reports, and staff conferences to inform management of current status of each project.
  • Working with the manufacturing, operations and quality manager, reviews and monitors quality and process improvements and new product development.
  • Directs the review of production costs and product quality and modifies production and inventory control programs to maintain and enhance profitable operation of division.
  • Reviews operations and plans to meet requirements for sales planning and to ascertain engineering requirements to develop new markets.
  • Directs preparation of accounting records for budgetary, production efficiency or other such purposes.
  • Recommends budgets to management, including staff use, technology, facility and equipment requirements or improvements.
  • Negotiates contracts with consulting firms to perform research or other applicable studies or support.
  • Directs appropriate support for manufacturing and quality functions within the organization.
  • Manages staff, creates performance plans, reviews, and discipline employees in
  • Ensure vendors/subcontractors are manufacturing products according to product specifications.
  • Ensure that all manufacturing product specifications are developed and testing procedures are in place before starting up vendors/subcontractors.
  • Responsible for training vendors/subcontractors on new product launches to meet target date.
  • Product Design, testing and prototyping.

Job Type: Full-time