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Area Director
REPORTS TO: Director of Operations

Each Arby's Area Director will be responsible for ensuring that all the units in the district achieve excellent performance by reaching and maintaining agreed-upon objectives. A District Manager's responsibilities include:


Maintains profitability of units by monitoring performance, forecasting expenses, planning for and authorizing expenditures, controlling costs and reviewing results with unit managers.

Coaches unit manager to recognize variances.
Monitors financial performance and assists unit managers in the development of corrective action plans.
Assists unit managers in developing financial and sales forecasts.
Monitors compliance with inventory controls and assists with days on hand analysis.
Authorizes expenditures within policy limits.
Reviews daily, weekly and monthly reporting and reacts to the needs of the district.


Enforces consistent company standards, systems and procedures; evaluates product quality; implements new systems; oversees the delivery of positive customer service; supervises new product introductions and monitors unit management activities.

Enforces quality, service, cleanliness and safety standards.
Assures unit managers and employees understand recipes and production procedures.
Monitors the effective use of our scheduling tool and maintains a full staff of quality EEs.
Coaches unit managers in recognizing and solving operational issues.
Supervises the development and implementation of unit operational projects focused on addressing operational deficiencies.
Supervises the gathering of operational data for review and analysis.


Follows marketing and sales promotion plans, prepares units for promotional programs and encourages collection of information on customers and the competitive market.

Supervises new product introduction and EE training.
Develops unit managers' awareness of customer preferences.
Monitors in-store advertising programs and promotional plans.
Works with marketing team on any LSM opportunities.
Helps unit managers develop community relations programs.


Supervises the overall condition of unit facilities to ensure operational acceptability and competitive readiness and establishes safety management programs.

Monitors security and safety procedures.
Supervises preventive maintenance programs.
Coaches unit managers in recognizing facilities and safety issues.
Approves low-cost improvements to facilities and recommends more costly improvements.
Manages and controls repair and maintenance budget within district.
Conducts cost benefit analysis for repair and maintenance proposals.


Supervises effective employment orientation, training and management of employees. Teaches unit managers how to manage people. Provides quality feedback and develops promotable managers.

Serves as a resource and provides feedback to unit managers.
Supervises the execution and implementation of in-unit managers.
Coaches and motivates both managers and employees and takes disciplinary action when necessary.
Identifies and prepares subordinates for promotion.
Supervises and conducts formal management performance evaluations.
Models effective supervisory behavior.
Reinforces and rewards the training and development of employees.
Oversees district-wide analysis of personnel needs and develops staffing plans with individual unit managers.
Ensures personnel practices are in compliance with all regulations.
Active in recruiting for management and crew.
Responsible to ensure that staffing/recruiting needs for each restaurant are met.


Ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

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